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Building an online store necessitates the use of an e-commerce platform such as Shopify. Shopify simplifies the entire task of running a store thanks to its wide range of customization features such as Apps, ready-made templates, and more.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when you decide to bring your store to the online level is choosing the best e-commerce platform to use. One especially popular shop builder is Shopify. We take a look at what makes this the go-to choice of many entrepreneurs who are currently enjoying retail success in cyberspace.

shopify ecommerce platform

A Leader in the Industry

If you’re looking for numbers that are indicative of Shopify’s success, here they are. The company powers more than 275,000 e-businesses and has generated over $17 billion in sales. That’s really saying a lot, and that figure is a healthy mix of seasoned and new businesses.

The Shopify Advantage

Shopify has many strong points that continue to attract new businesses and make others switch to it. For one, the shopify e-commerce platform already offers more than a hundred ready-made and attractive templates, both free and paid, that make your online shop professional-looking (and therefore credible). Themes also take into consideration the industry that your business belongs to, so you can outfit your shop appropriately.

Shopify also has an Apps selection – free and paid tools that you can tinker with in order to tweak and modify your store until you find the exact kind of functionality that you want. These plug-ins for your store suit a variety of purposes: accounting, management of inventory, social media, customer service, marketing reports, fulfillment, and more. Installing these Apps help automate a good number of your business processes, freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects of your brand. You might get excited and install a lot of these Apps, but the best way to go about it is to just choose a few that addresses your most important concerns. Later you can decide whether or not you will need more to augment your success. As you can see, integration is also another strong point of Shopify, as it allows other vendors (online tool providers) to incorporate their products and services into the Shopify platform.

Shopify has a fantastic tool called abandoned the checkout cart recovery service. Two out of three potential customers never make it past adding items into their checkout cart because other things distract them. If there’s no follow through with them that’s a heck of a lot of lost profits. For the Professional and Unlimited plan subscribers, the abandoned checkout cart recovery service lets them track and email these would-be customers to follow up with them regarding their intended purchase.

Shopify also delivers when it comes to mobile e-commerce solutions, which gives customers an easy way to shop and pay for purchases on a mobile device. In addition, it has functionalities that allow you to do store management through your phone. From checking sales statistics, peering through customer data, and managing sales orders, these necessary responsibilities that go with running a business is easily fulfilled even when you’re on the go and away from your physical office or headquarters.

A Solution That Caters to All

There’s more to discover about Shopify, but it’s really clear how this e-commerce platform is designed for both seasoned and burgeoning businesses across all industries. It’s a fantastic e-commerce web solution for when you want to run a shop right from home, or you want to expand your online store’s capacity to reach out to other customers. It also does away with the highly technical aspect of building an online store; while you will need a bit of technological know-how in order to get it up and running, it doesn’t require that you have an IT degree to keep it going. With the tech side well taken care of by self-running Apps and features, you have more time to focus on other things like product development and marketing, customer queries, and more.