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Basic CSS Grids: the Ten Minute Guide

Published 06 January 2020 |

Those of us who have been writing CSS for a while remember a time before Grid, when all we could do was hack together tables and float, and pray for the best. Even flexbox (an absolute gamechanger) wasn’t perfect-it has issues with 3D layout.

The Differences Between MongoDB and SQLite

Published 19 December 2019 |

In the past we’ve talked about the differences between SQL and NoSQL databases more broadly, but today we’re drilling down on two specifically: SQLite and MongoDB.

The Great Big Guide to eCommerce Platforms (2019)

Published 15 October 2019 |

There are a lot of options when you need to choose an eCommerce platform, but most guides cut off after the top three: Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. We’re going to go deeper than that, and hopefully highlight some lesser-known eCommerce management systems.

A beginner’s guide to software testing (12 key terms)

Published 26 September 2019 |

There’s a common saying in software testing: catching a bug in development costs 1c, catching it in automated testing costs $1, catching it in user testing costs $10 and catching it in production costs $10,000.

10 Tips to Beat Shopping Cart Abandonment (eCommerce guide 2019)

Published 24 September 2019 |

There’s no gentle way to say it: abandoned shopping carts are losing you money. We go over some of the common causes, and what you can do to prevent them.

8 great iOS app design and marketing tips

Published 20 September 2019 |

Saying Apple is a big deal is like saying the moon is a big rock—it’s true, but it doesn’t even really begin to cover it. Apple is one of the largest companies in the entire world, and their proprietary OS is on millions and millions of devices.

10 Top Tips for Hiring an App Developer

Published 13 September 2019 |

When you’re trying to hire an app developer, it can be tricky to find the one who’s the right fit. Today, we go over ten top tips to help you find the developer of your dreams.

An Honest Guide to SEO (in 2019)

Published 10 September 2019 |

It has been a big couple of years for the SEO industry, and a lot of marketers are struggling to keep on their feet. As Google gets better at reading user intent, old techniques die off and new methods need to be discovered to keep on top.

Magento Web Apps—what they are, and where to build them

Published 03 September 2019 |

If you own a Magento store or if you’re considering developing one, you’ve probably asked yourself whether there’s an easy way to make web apps. Don’t worry: Magento have got you covered.

Getting your rank back: a guide to Google Penalties

Published 30 August 2019 |

It can be heartbreaking to see months of work undone and your page drop down through the SERPs because you got hit by a Google Penalty. Today we’re going to discuss what they are, and how you can bounce back.