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How to Set up a Subscription Service (for WooCommerce and Shopify)

Published 26 March 2020 |

WooCommerce and Shopify are two of the largest eCommerce CMSs out there—if you’re a new store owner, understanding them is crucial to getting your business off the ground. Today we’re breaking down how to get the most out of them when running a subscription service or subscription box.

6 Tips for Reducing ECommerce Bounce Rates

Published 19 March 2020 |

It’s a sad fact of online commerce that a large number of users are going to come to your site, then immediately turn around and never come back. You can’t catch everybody, but there are techniques you can employ to help reduce bounce, and make sure your new users stick around.

The Top 5 GitHub Repos for Web Developers!

Published 12 March 2020 |

Github isn’t just a place to download software packages: it can be your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of useful resources. Today we’re going to be going over my top 5 repos. 

Google Search Console for Beginners (2020 guide)

Published 28 February 2020 |

Google Search Console is a powerful set of tools for webmasters and SEO specialists, including detailed search analytics, URL inspections, sitemap management, security analysis, and mobile usability data. Google Analytics is primarily focussed on users’ onsite behavior, while the Search Console is for monitoring how people reach you in the first place via Google Search.

Essential eCommerce Image Optimization: 5 Tips

Published 24 February 2020 |

Image optimization is one of the most underappreciated factors in running a successful eCommerce website. Today, we’re here with some tips and tricks to help take your store to the next level.

Google Knowledge Cards vs Google Image Search: The SEO Selection Secret

Published 05 February 2020 |

A critical part of SEO (and marketing!) is to never turn down an opportunity to have people stumble upon your products. You’re probably familiar with the bigger ones like the SEO snack pack and Google Posts, but there’s one that often doesn’t get enough attention: Google Knowledge Cards.

The eCommerce Storefront Preflight Checklist (2020)

Published 22 January 2020 |

Launching a new eCommerce storefront can be nerve-wracking. There are so many factors to consider, and it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. Never fear! The CodeClouds team are here with a complete checklist of everything you need to get in order before you go live. We’re going to break it down by three major categories: nontechnical (content), factors that are a little bit technical, and very technical factors.

Basic CSS Grids: the Ten Minute Guide

Published 06 January 2020 |

Those of us who have been writing CSS for a while remember a time before Grid, when all we could do was hack together tables and float, and pray for the best. Even flexbox (an absolute gamechanger) wasn’t perfect-it has issues with 3D layout.

The Differences Between MongoDB and SQLite

Published 19 December 2019 |

In the past we’ve talked about the differences between SQL and NoSQL databases more broadly, but today we’re drilling down on two specifically: SQLite and MongoDB.

The Great Big Guide to eCommerce Platforms (2019)

Published 15 October 2019 |

There are a lot of options when you need to choose an eCommerce platform, but most guides cut off after the top three: Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. We’re going to go deeper than that, and hopefully highlight some lesser-known eCommerce management systems.