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How to Make a Magento 2 Theme from Scratch

Published 15 June 2018 |

In this Magento 2 theme customization guide, we’ll be showing how to set up a new theme, extend the blank theme, and start making changes. It can be a little overwhelming starting with Magento, especially Magento 2 which has very few good tutorials available that actually show you how to make changes to your theme.

Essential Extensions for Magento Developers

Published 23 January 2018 |

Every client has different needs for their storefront, and vanilla Magento often does not cater to these needs. Every Magento developer needs a good library of extensions to meet these needs. In this article, we’ll check out some good extensions to start with.

The 10 Best Free Themes for Magento Developers

Published 27 December 2017 |

Sometimes clients want Magento Developers to cut as many corners as possible, and when they request that you use a free theme, it may be hard to come back with good looking options. We give a rundown of the best free Magento themes for the projects with a thin budget.

Custom Validation Rules in Laravel 5.5

Published 23 August 2017 |

Custom Laravel solutions now come with custom validation rules. With the assistance of developers, you can easily create a website for your business. Knowing the rules will help you understand how to approach your development project with the Laravel framework.

Big Data Performance Testing: A Look at the Bigger Picture

Published 18 July 2017 |

Every new business and company is looking forward to big data processing and big data performance testing to catch up with the huge data that the web creates each day. It might seem that big data is a challenging and complicated thing, however, with the right tools and strategies you can allow management of the entire data smoothly.

Tip of The Day: Explain in MySQL

Published 23 May 2017 |

“EXPLAIN” in MySQL has a lot in the store and makes it a wonderful choice for the developers. Moreover, when you are using “EXPLAIN”, it can promisingly help you to optimize many troublesome MySQL queries making the work easier for many.

Magento 2.0 Benefits – Improving Your eCommerce Business

Published 21 December 2015 |

Magento 2.0 brings new and innovative themes and substantial changes compared to the previous versions. The new theme includes great structure, typography, fully responsive images ensuring better performance.

Effective WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

Published 16 September 2015 |

Ecommerce is complicated. It doesn’t just need a good salesman and a good product, it needs somebody with a high degree of technical competency—you need your storefront to be an enjoyable and bug-free experience that hooks your customers and keeps them coming back for more. If you’re not interested in coding, one of the best […]

PHP Profiling – Performance Optimization Techniques

Published 08 September 2015 |

Performance optimization can measure the performance of our server-side scripts using several tools in different environments. Let’s discuss a few coding styles and a few PHP optimization tricks that ensure better performance of speed without caching. Performance optimization can measure the performance of our server-side scripts using several tools in different environments, especially Xdebug in […]

Bug Hunting in PHP5 with Xdebug

Published 07 August 2015 |

There’s a saying in software testing: catching a bug in development cost 1c, catching it in testing costs $10 and catching it in production costs $10,000. It’s critical that you catch bugs as early as possible, before they cripple your software.