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Published 02 August 2019 |

At CodeClouds, we strive to ensure client satisfaction. With outstanding services in web development, e-commerce, and creative design we have established ourselves as a reliable catalyst for business success.

Five Myths of working with an Overseas app developer

Published 17 February 2019 |

There are many misconceptions people have when it comes to working with an overseas development team. In this article, we’ll go over the myths vs the reality of working with a competent offshore team.

The future of LongTail Technology

Published 12 October 2018 |

In 2012 Kinkar Saha and Brian Hill forged a partnership that formed the U.S. Division of CodeClouds known as “LongTail Technology”. For the next 7 years the LongTail Technology division thrived, expanding sales, project management, as well as their design and development capabilities.

9 Benefits of the Magento eCommerce Platform for Online Shopping

Published 16 May 2017 |

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that has tons of options for customization and integration available. Magento has the ability to make online shopping even bigger than it ever was before. This article is about the 9 benefits of Magento eCommerce platform website.

How to Create Effective Product Videos For Your Marketing Campaign

Published 25 January 2017 |

Creating an effective product video is very important as it helps to convince your customers to buy your product. A correctly done product video will demonstrate, explain and promote your product and convert sales. Learn below what you should and shouldn’t include in your next product video.

Choosing The Best E-commerce Platform For Your Business

Published 28 November 2016 |

When running your own business, choosing the best e-commerce platform is a challenging task. Looking at all the options is of utmost importance as there are different kinds of e-commerce platforms. Find the best e-commerce platform that suits your needs with our detailed comparison.

The Top Reasons Why You Should Migrate to HTML5

Published 21 October 2016 |

Designing websites need not be ultra time-consuming. Nor should the literal and figurative burden be placed on its construction. With HTML5, you can do away with that and focus on what really matters most: your content, perched atop what is the lightest and well-designed websites of today.

Will Your Site Pass The Mobile Friendly Test Factors?

Published 31 August 2016 |

Passing the mobile-friendly test established by search engines might seem like an easy thing to do, but you’d be surprised to find out that there are many that fail this for so many common and simple reasons. Check out what you might have overlooked in your quest to be back on top of the search engine results to know what your next step in revamping your website really ought to be.

Strategies to Use WordPress for Affiliate Marketing: How to Do It Right

Published 25 July 2016 |

WordPress is not just for your personal diary anymore, as more and more people are getting on it to create affiliate programs and develop their brand’s reach. To get into that affiliate marketing tip on WordPress, you’ll need to understand the four steps that are required and familiarize yourself with affiliate programs and plugins.

Website Design Tips for a Memorable User Experience

Published 07 July 2016 |

The cornerstone of success for any website design is how satisfying the user experience is. It requires a thorough understanding of the target audience, knowing how to optimize the site to meet the way they interact with it, designing the site to reflect both your personal taste and your audience’s sensibilities, and ensuring that everything is fully operational before telling the digital universe about it.