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The 9 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins

Published 26 May 2020 |

FAQ sections have been a critical part of web design for decades, but it can still be hard to build them effectively. That’s why we’re thankful for the WordPress plugin ecosystem, and today we’ll be bringing you our favorites.

9 Guides to Help You Prepare for Your Software Developer Interview

Published 18 May 2020 |

Nobody likes job interviews, but they’re a reality of our lives as developers. We’ve put together our 9 favorite resources to help you stop searching and finally land the job you want.

The Best Skills for Developers to Start Learning in 2020

Published 11 May 2020 |

The tech world is ever-changing, and it seems like there’s something new to learn every day. The last few years have been marked by rapid change, and it’s hard for developers to keep their feet. 2020 is no exception: if the first few months are any indication, it’s going to be a big one. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered; here are the core skills you need to know to be a developer in 2020.

Lowering Customer Acquisition Cost with Modern SEO

Published 04 May 2020 |

ECommerce is changing, and it can be difficult to stay on top of what works and what matters. One of the crucial new metrics that has emerged is CAC, so today we’re talking about modern SEO and how it applies to keeping your CAC low.

Junior Developer vs Senior Developer: What’s the Difference?

Published 27 April 2020 |

What does it take to make Senior Developer? Today we’re breaking it down so you can take your career to the next level.

Effective eCommerce Optimization for 2020

Published 20 April 2020 |

Conversion optimization is both a science and an art, and today we’re breaking down the four things we think are the most important to making your profits soar.

What Will JavaScript Frameworks Look Like in the Next 10 Years?

Published 13 April 2020 |

It’s the dawn of a new decade, and there are no-doubt many changes ahead of us. What do the 2020s have in store for JavaScript Frameworks?

How to Set up a Subscription Service (for WooCommerce and Shopify)

Published 26 March 2020 |

WooCommerce and Shopify are two of the largest eCommerce CMSs out there—if you’re a new store owner, understanding them is crucial to getting your business off the ground. Today we’re breaking down how to get the most out of them when running a subscription service or subscription box.

6 Tips for Reducing ECommerce Bounce Rates

Published 19 March 2020 |

It’s a sad fact of online commerce that a large number of users are going to come to your site, then immediately turn around and never come back. You can’t catch everybody, but there are techniques you can employ to help reduce bounce, and make sure your new users stick around.

The Top 5 GitHub Repos for Web Developers!

Published 12 March 2020 |

Github isn’t just a place to download software packages: it can be your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of useful resources. Today we’re going to be going over my top 5 repos.