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The Journey to 200+ Members and Beyond

We’ve had a long journey since we’ve started, and we’ve learned many things along the way. Less than 10 years ago in 2009, CodeClouds started as a small 4 developer team. We’ve since grown exponentially to reach 250 team members in three global locations, becoming one of the top companies for various web services. In […]

The Benefits of Google Posts and How to Take Advantage of Them

You may have noticed that some businesses are posting content directly to the Google search results page. This is a new feature that Google has rolled out called “Google Posts”. In this blog post, we go over the benefits of Google Posts and the best practices for using them.

See You At Affiliate Summit East 2017

CodeClouds will be attending the Affiliate Summit East 2017 at the Marriott Marquis in New York. We are keen to meet with our clients and understand their requirements to offer seamless and flawless services. It’s that time of year again! Affiliate Summit East is knocking at the door. This year, ASE will take place in […]

Know Why Laravel is Considered the Best PHP Framework

Laravel is a PHP mvc framework that speeds up the development process with its elegant and simple syntax pattern, database migration and schema builder tools, simple and secure authentication mechanism, and many more. This is what makes Laravel the best PHP framework. It has been 6 years after the initial release of Laravel, and since […]

10 Practical Tips for Magento Performance Optimization

Magento is one of the best CMS platforms that are available in the market. Magento performance optimization becomes one of the top priority work in order to make it work properly. Here are the top ten ways to keep your Magento website optimized and make it work smoothly. Magento performance optimization is probably one of […]

Top Reasons to Hire Shopify Developers

Shopify, being a recognized platform for your eCommerce startup, comes with numerous distinctive features to help you avert the extra investment for any kind of third party payment gateways. While planning for an online store with Shopify, it’s mandatory to hire Shopify Developers to get rid of further complications. With us, you can save your […]

Drupal Vs WordPress: Five Points to be taken into Consideration

There are several points that needs to be taken into consideration when you are comparing Drupal vs WordPress. WordPress has a user friendly interface and Drupal has a vast features that attracts more and more users to it. It is obvious that due to simple and easy usage interface WordPress has won the market, but […]

15 Google Shopping Campaign Tips to Make More Money While Spending Less

In order to improve your online store, it is a requirement to optimize your Google Shopping Campaign. Optimizing your data feed for Google Shopping Ad’s can be done in many ways. This article describes 15 Google Shopping Campaign optimization tips that you should try in order to generate more profit. It is very important to […]

7 E-commerce Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Email marketing is the most inevitable way to drive revenue in your business. Besides discount offers, specials and coupons, educational content engages recipients and increases their interest in your brand. It is an effective way of building credibility and trust, which encourages future purchases and instils brand loyalty. Check out these 7 tips that can […]

Improving Fulfillment Processes with Konnektive CRM

Opening an e-commerce website certainly requires different tools and strategies. What really determines the heart and soul of the entire operation is how well the fulfillment processes are achieved. Behind every successful online store is a solid CRM. A CRM takes care of every action required to see a transaction through to completion, from marketing […]

Smarter Messaging Solutions for Better E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce is no longer a novelty – clearly, it’s here to stay. With that comes a bevy of innovations that are designed to improve messaging and communications between customer and businesses. Messaging integration solutions are the way to scale up your shop, and the three ways to implement this is through in-app messaging, social media, […]

Material Or Virtual Reality: The Kind of World We Live in Now

Virtual reality or VR is indeed the talk of the town. These days, we wonder if we have fully swallowed up the notion that we live in a virtual world. Four points of discussion led to such a notion, namely VR gaming, virtual currency, instantaneous information, and programming power. Technology-wise, It is safe to say […]

How to Succeed in the Era of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the here and now, but the fast-paced nature that goes with it can get a tad overwhelming. Staying relevant and results-oriented need not be a problem if you know the very nature of “internet of things” and what it entails for channel providers such as yourself – things like starting […]

Designing Audience Profiles Tips: How To Do It So You Sell More

Selling to your customers is made successful if you know who you are selling to. In this light, it is essential for any business owner to craft an audience profile – a representation of the people who will find his product useful, attractive, and essential to their well-being and daily lives. An audience profile helps […]

Unlocking the Benefits of Social Messaging Apps

With social interactions transitioning from public to private, social messaging apps are now being seen as that which holds great potential for marketing. Utilizing it to improve brand services and making customer support more personal are just some of the opportunities that social messaging apps can be harnessed by brands. It’s pretty common these days […]