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10 Reasons to Switch to HTML5 Today!

Published 04 April 2017 |

HTML5 is a whole new world of possibilities. It would from increased accessibility to improved interaction, it has all the added feature that you really want. It would rather be a mistake to not make the shift with so many advantages of HTML5. This is because HTML5 has all the necessary features that you require.

6 Welcoming Strategies For Website Visitors You Should Know

Published 24 February 2017 |

Website visitors should be treated nicely so that they feel happy, comfortable and valued, and become your regular visitor. The best welcoming strategies are provided here to greet your guests in a warmer way and make them feel ‘most welcome’.

Materialize – A Material Design CSS Framework

Published 29 July 2015 |

Material design is a visual language, a fusion of the aesthetics of design along with the innovation and boundless possibilities of technology and science.The UI/UX can be used in multiple web projects as several Material Design Frameworks which can be utilized without writing a single line of custom CSS.