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Battle of the Storefronts: WooCommerce vs Shopify

Published 06 May 2019 |

Shopify and WooCommerce and two of the most popular and enduring eCommerce storefronts on the internet, and with good reason: they both provide an excellent suite of business solutions. Learn about how they differ so you can choose the right one for you.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Using LimeLight CRM

Published 31 October 2016 |

Lime Light CRM is the most powerful CRM system available today for direct response marketers. With tons of features – increasing the automation capabilities of your business has become a lot easier. Learn more about your order details, trials, refund and chargeback data.

Limelight CRM – Mastering Affiliate Variables

Published 12 August 2015 |

Limelight CRM is a platform built by and for experienced and knowledgeable marketers who manage campaigns and sales transactions, track leads, provide continuity rebilling programs, and much more.