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An intro to Docker, Basic Image Setup, and Deploying Your First Container

Published 20 August 2019 |

Docker is a powerful container solution for apps of all kinds. In this blog, we’re going to go over Docker and it’s benefits, as well as how to make your first container.

DigitalOcean vs Amazon AWS: Choose Your Best Cloud Provider

Published 26 March 2019 |

Choosing the right cloud service can be a daunting task – there’s a whole host of platforms competing for your attention. Today we’re going to discuss the merits of DigitalOcean vs Amazon AWS.

10 Great Features that Make Laravel the Best PHP Framework

Published 20 September 2017 |

In the battle of PHP frameworks, Laravel always comes out on top. It has features that make the entire task of creating web applications a whole lot easier and you are going to love these features if you are a programmer yourself.

Taking Business to the Next Level with Limelight CRM

Published 27 July 2017 |

Improve and improvise on your business with the breathtaking features of Limelight CRM that can help you get the best result. It brings effective ROI to your business with the amazing tools and functionality.Running a business online will always necessitate innovation in order to stay relevant.

Five Database Design Performance Tips For OLTP Systems

Published 20 June 2017 |

When you are working with OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) systems, there are wide possibilities for the different types of database designs that can be implemented. Here are some database design performance tips you need to keep in mind when you are working with OLTP systems.

Be a Better PHP Developer: PEAR Coding Standards!

Published 29 August 2015 |

The PEAR coding standard is very popular among the PHP community. The latest version ensures great flexibility for the developer’s style. It’s good practice for PHP developers to follow the PEAR coding standards, which will ensure better readability and consistency of code. Maintaining PEAR coding standards is a must for PHP developers who are building […]

Laravel Vs Codeigniter. A difficult choice!

Published 24 July 2015 |

Using a PHP MVC framework is very common for developing custom solutions with PHP. There are quite a number of PHP MVC frameworks available on the web. CodeIgniter and Laravel seem to be the most popular among them. With more than five years of experience using CodeIgniter, we believe, learning, setting up, and working on it is really pretty easy!