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Cake integration is one of the best ways to boost your sales. Cake works for multi-channel marketing campaigns which includes advertiser performance tracking, maximizing lead distribution ROI and offers the best network performance tracking.

Apart from product innovation, businesses are constantly seeking to upgrade their efforts in marketing. Once you have a really great product on your hands, the next logical step is to project it in the market as quickly as possible. One technology that you might want to consider applying in order to boost your business marketing performance is Cake – a leading SaaS solution that works for multi-channel marketing campaigns.

cake integration

Channel 1: Advertiser Performance Tracking

If you want to track advertiser performance across multiple channels, then Cake is for you. Cake makes better sense of data that make up your advertising performance, allowing you optimize your digital marketing spend better so that it translates into bigger sales. Putting it shortly, Cake integration improves the quality of your lead-generation efforts. It does this through:

  • Multi-channel tracking and attribution – Better insights into traffic based on digital marketing channels, and multiple attribution models are comprised of linear, engagement, time decay, and other customized options that you can tweak.
  • Comprehensive reporting and optimized data visualization – Allowing you to identify both top as well as underperforming channels right on one dashboard. You can also customize reports according to the user or even in segments, and have the option to share views throughout members of your organization.
  • Lead generation and distribution– Real-time automated collection, validation as well as the distribution of your leads using industry-level tools, plus the option to collect actionable metrics of all orders with the product feed integration feature.

Channel 2: Network Performance Tracking

If you want to identify your most valuable affiliates and campaigns, Cake integration will be the best way to accomplish just that because you only need to use a single tool to manage your whole affiliate network program. The marketing performance-enhancing features of Cake integration for networking tracking include:

  • Multiple payout formats – Allows you to set price payouts according to campaign with each conversion or each event. This means being able to track marketing cost across entire campaigns or affiliates.
  • Real-time metrics, lead generation – You can instantly track real-time performances of your different campaigns or affiliates. Bonus features include scheduling and exporting specific reports and accessing data through API. You can also get lead generation real-time reports.
  • Targeted campaign control – This will let you steer your campaign course with the location, browser, and device tracking, among others.
  • Customization options – Perform custom report calculations, complete with unique custom views for each of your reports instead of just exporting them to Excel.

Channel 3: Maximizing Lead Distribution ROI

Cake integration provides your organization with the intelligence that is required to clarify as well as optimize your marketing spend. Moreover, it also helps you properly attribute your affiliate payouts and grow both online sales and efforts in lead management. Cake is able to do this thanks to:

  • Turn-key system – Containing everything necessary for running online lead management efforts.
  • Incoming lead validation – With an extensive form field type of validation that includes the client side, also in real time.
  • Fraud detection features – Works by leveraging integrations with reputable companies like Xverify, e-Hawk, and more.
  • Automated lead management – With options for multi-, single- and hybrid lead-selling capabilities.
  • Smart routing technology – Allows you to maximize your revenues while at the same time filling in demand throughout all your lead buyers.
  • Capabilities for extensive filtering – Provides filtering options that are highly customizable and can be used in any field that you collect. It also lets you perform complex logic so as to create fields that are compound filterable. To add, there is also an option for you to route or sell your outbound leads using geographic perimeters as the basis.
  • Lead buyer portal – Your buyers have the option to log into a portal that’s exclusively dedicated to managing lead returns, making deposits, and report access.
  • Buyer credit management – Provides your lead buyers with extended credit lines, or even use in order to take deposits via credit cards.

To sum up, Cake’s SaaS platform is a robust system for improving marketing performance in the three most important and utilized channels. Any marketer worth his salt knows that it is through these channels that you can expect success, and Cake integration to enhance efforts in one or all three will deliver the results he wants.