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Social media is a vital part of business success in the digital age, but only if your social media strategy is well rounded. There are important elements that, when applied, are the key to success in follower quantity, engagement, and conversion.

Big and small companies alike have seen how great an impact social media has on business promotion. In today’s times, you can even say that it is hard to do without it. However, your success on social media will depend on how effective your strategy is. One does not simply create an account and expect droves of new followers to appear out of nowhere. What you need to do is to create a well-rounded social media strategy that ensures a high level of user engagement, a far reach, and ultimately lots of conversions that turn into revenues. Take a peek at this checklist so you know where and how to start!


1. Have several accounts.

Some people think that social media is limited to Facebook. Despite being a very popular social media channel, it is only one component of a greater whole. There’s also Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and more. Signing up for more than one account means you have a greater reach and different ways to executing posts (e.g., one-liners for Twitter, all visuals for Instagram, and so on). Be warned, though: make sure you are able to manage a regular posting schedule for all the accounts you signed up for. You can begin with two accounts until you get the hang of it, and then, later on, add a few more if you are determined to grow your team and/or increase your reach.

2. Have an optimal posting schedule.

You can’t just publish posts at random or whenever you feel like it. With social media, consistency is key. But overloading your accounts with one post after another in rapid-fire succession is too much – meaning people will get exasperated and cease to follow. Look for software tools that help determine the times of day and night that your followers are online and browse your account, and pattern your posting schedule after it. This will ensure that they will not miss your posts.

3. Make your accounts look good, literally.

Think of your social media accounts as boutique stores. You will want them to look attractive so people will be compelled to visit and follow. That said when you sign up be sure you complete every single detail that you can fill out. Put as much relevant and useful information about your company as you can wherever it is appropriate. Add logos, pictures and customize when possible. Remember that fixing it up for the first time is not the last time: to keep things interesting change up your photos and background every season or so. This will give your social media account a constantly fresh look. Make sure your images are high resolution and your text is free from grammar and spelling errors!

4. Give your accounts some personality.

What kind of personality would your brand have if it were alive? Is it coolly elegant, kooky, ultra professional, laid back? This will determine the tone of your accounts and the voice that you use to send your message across. Whichever one you choose, make sure that it is something your audience can relate to!

5. Put variety into your posts.

Publishing content does not always have to be about brand announcements. You can explore a variety of contents – all of which are related to what you are as a brand – and post those, too. For example, if you run a clothing company and you already post on social media your latest offerings and promotions, you may also want to post links to articles about how to mix and match clothing or the latest trends that came out in New York Fashion Week.

6. Boost your efforts with engagement strategies.

You can post all you want, but if your followers do not engage with you then your accounts are practically lifeless. Bring it back from the dead by coming up with innovative social media strategies that will compel your audience to respond or participate. Host contests, publish relevant and thought-provoking questions, ask them what they think, re-post what they published about you, let them put a new product color or shape to a vote.

Above all, strive to maintain a sense of constancy in what you publish and how you engage and interact with your audience. The best way to think about what you do and how you do things on social media is that it is a way to promote yourself while being helpful to others, establishing new friendships and improving old ones!