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Advertising is the best way to take the lead in the competitive market. Facebook ads and Google Adwords are both strong and competitive platforms to get properly highlighted. Where Facebook PPC campaign costs less, Google Adwords charges a great deal. However, when it is about creating the leads and getting more and long term customers Google can be best answer.


A vital part of running any successful business is online advertisement. There are several ways to attract your targeted audience. The long standing rivalry between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords and the fact that both desire to achieve the best for their customers has made the choice tougher. That is where you need to scrutinize the two very closely and judge what type of advertisement you require and which one can be more fruitful for your business. When it comes to Facebook vs Google Advertising, there are certain things that you should know so that you can make the correct choice accordingly.

Facebook advertising and Google Adwords can both be great platforms to achieve your advertising goals. According to Forbes, Facebook in the recent years have seen 50% increase in the active advertisers. The continual growth cannot simply be ignored and therefore we will have to take the growth into consideration. On the other hand, it can be said that Google Adwords only saw the 17% increase in the past few years. Well, this can be one of the major points that can help people understand which platform is affordable for advertisements. It might be a bit easier to judge the better one with the several list of pros and cons that each of the advertising platform has.


Well, if we consider Facebook in comparison to Google, it is indeed a scrappy newcomer and it can really never stand up to what Google has in store; however, there are many opportunity for the entrepreneur in Facebook ads. With very little cost for the PPC you can start off with the campaign in Facebook ads to promote your business even further. Where PPC for Facebook ads in US costs $0.28, simultaneously, Google Adwords search average PPC costs $2.32. Therefore, when it is about Facebook vs Google Advertising, Facebook PPC becomes 88% cheaper than Google Adwords. However, Google Adwords can be successful in attracting long standing business where people are mainly looking for quick customers.

Facebook may get you 1.28 billion active users, 1 trillion page views and potential reach of 43.8% of internet users. On the other hand, Google Adwords can reach over 2.6 million Google searches per month, it also promises 180 billion Google searches.

Targeting Audiences:

When it comes to Facebook these are following ways that Facebook segregates its audiences:

  1. Targeted by where they live based on the country, state or province, pin code, phone number and many more detailed information.
  2. It is also segregated by the age, gender, education, relationship, job title.
  3. In facebook, audiences are also separated based on their hobbies, page likes.

On the other hand, when we are talking about Google Adwords, it can be said that there is something different in store.

  1. Audiences here are targeted by country, region or city. This is mainly based on where your customer will be when they are searching for you.
  2. The main target here is done with the help of the keyword, you need to include or exclude certains words in order to get the maximum reach.
  3. The language is a huge preference when you are using the Google adwords.
  4. Target ads to show on prospects mobile or other devices.

Mobile Advertising:

Where Facebook optimizes ads for iOS and Android, Google chooses budget ration for mobile and tablet ads. Moreover, 21.7% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile advertisements and 46.8% of Google’s ad revenue comes from the mobile.

ROI or Return On Investment:

As discussed earlier, it can be said the ROI on Facebook is better than Google Adwords. This is because Google Adwords can be costly while you are running the campaign. Moreover, when you are going for the PPC campaign, Google will cost you more than Facebook. Even in the fight between Facebook vs Google Advertising ROI,  Facebook seems to have won the  battle.

It is all about harnessing the power of advertising campaigns which will act like a powerhouse for your business. However, to conclude, it can be said that when you are looking for immediate sales and long term progress, Google Adwords can be the best option available. Nonetheless, for brand awareness and lead generation facebook is the perfect answer. Be it a small or a large scale advertising campaign it is important to make sure that you have the ROI in the end and that you get hold of your targeted audience in this competitive market. Google Adwords and Facebook ads are no less than the other, but at the same time they specialize in their respective grounds. Where facebook is a good platform for lead generation, Google can draw customers for immediate sales.

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