Innovative Direct Response Campaign Management Solutions by Limelight CRM

Limelight CRM is a unique platform for customer relationship management refined for the direct response market. Its distinctive characters and structure can easily built to fit specific industry needs. While developing sites with Limelight CRM, you can automate the entire sale, saving time as well as money. Learn some of its features that will provide you extensively customized solutions to expand your business to the next level.

Limelight CRM is a unique tool for content management that has been specially developed for direct response marketing. The distinctive structure of your site is mainly built to fit your specific industry needs to maximize your impact on potential customers. When your site is integrated with Limelight, you can easily automate the entire sales process, saving both money and time and allowing you to focus on your business.

Best Direct Response CRM

CodeClouds will provide your business certified developers who will assist in the . We also use the Limelight CRM API and integrate the pages directly to the CRM. With the help of API, we can tie in all the functions your business requires. The Limelight Support Team at CodeClouds will go above and beyond to serve your business’s unique requirements.

CodeClouds has worked with several direct response marketing platforms which include Limelight CRM, Konnektive CRM, Recurly CRM, CC bill payment and many more. Over the years, we have found that Limelight CRM has proved to be the best in implementing new features and integrations. These tools will provide you extensively customized solutions to expand your business to the next level.

For business owners, a well-run campaign is important. With the help of CodeClouds developers, we can help you at any time. With 22/5 support, CodeClouds provides a leading service that ensures your business never skips a beat.

Being Limelight’s #1 go-to agency, CodeClouds offers dynamic and earmarked development services with years of hands-on experience. Our custom-built framework allows our developers to very quickly create and deploy unique campaign offers to clients around the globe.

If you are in need of global Limelight developers within a faster turnaround time, hire dedicated Limelight CRM developers from CodeClouds. We never outsource tasks to third party providers and we take pride in our skilled and experienced in-house developers.

Why CodeClouds?

At CodeClouds, with the help of Limelight CRM, the landing pages are developed with the latest technology and features that will allow you to streamline the management of direct response campaigns, helping you to generate the highest ROI. Our team can provide you with customized solutions that are unique to your needs and can propel your business to the next level. Some of our strengths are described below:

  • We have certified Limelight CRM developers.
  • With expertise in multiple CRM’s (Limelight CRM / Konnektive CRM) (Webform / API)
  • We are providing 22×5 round the clock support.
  • We have more than 120 talented and skilled human resources.
  • Excellent team of Backup Developers from New Zealand.
  • Superior team with knowledge of PCI Compliance Process.
  • Complete data security with PCI Certification Process.
  • 201Clicks absolutely free that extends capabilities and makes Limelight CRM more useful.
  • Along with our offshore developers, enjoy free shared HTML developer and Tech support.

Limelight CRM is the best Direct Response CRM available that’s specially designed for the Direct Response Marketers. CodeClouds team of Limelight programmers and CRM developers will help you to keep your Direct Response Offers Up and Running and optimized for your highest ROI. If you are looking for top notch direct response CRM developers, we are here to deliver just what you need. CodeClouds will provide you the biggest support in the industry with highly talented team members. We are here for any CRM customization and can make sure that your site is ready for effective sales.

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Kinkar is the extremely talented CEO and co-founder of CodeClouds IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is also the globally recognized expert for IT solutions, technology innovation, and business consulting. He oversees the strategy building, brand management, manpower management, technology innovation, worldwide client management, and the path of learning & growth for CodeClouds IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.