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Magento Best Free Theme

The 10 Best Free Themes for Magento Developers

Published 27 December 2017 | By Biplab

Sometimes clients want Magento Developers to cut as many corners as possible, and when they request that you use a free theme, it may be hard to come back with good looking options. We give a rundown of the best free Magento themes for the projects with a thin budget.

CodeClouds Logo

Why CodeClouds Has a New Logo

Published 22 November 2017 | By Melanie

CodeClouds has a new logo! Read about why we made this change, and what it took to get there. As CodeClouds continues to grow and evolve, we thought it was time to update our branding to match how our company has changed. While we liked the old logo, we felt it was just that: old.

Meet CodeClouds at the 2017 ADSUM Conference

Published 15 November 2017 | By Prosenjit

An advertiser focused convention for performance marketing, ADSUM brings together the best vendors and advertisers. Come join CodeClouds in beautiful Aspen, Colorado for the ADSUM conference this December. CodeClouds will be sponsoring this year’s ADSUM conference in Aspen, Colorado.

DigitalOcean vs Vultr: The Best VPS Provider for Your Needs

Published 08 November 2017 | By Jacob

We run through the key differences between DigitalOcean vs Vultr and benchmark them so you can see which is the best VPS provider for what you need, whether you want the cheapest possible server or the best performance for a larger budget. We tested several tiers, not just the cheap ones!