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E-commerce is no longer a novelty – clearly, it’s here to stay. With that comes a bevy of innovations that are designed to improve messaging and communications between customers and businesses. Messaging integration solutions are the way to scale up your shop, and the three ways to implement this is through in-app messaging, social media, and email marketing.

These days, buying goods and services over the Internet is nothing short of ordinary. With the ability to purchase things literally in the palm of our hands, it is not hard to see how e-commerce has become part of our everyday lives. Thus, businesses on this platform are constantly looking for ways to make things easier and more personalized for their customers – and the latest strategy to achieve this is by applying smarter messaging solutions that are directly connected to the e-commerce platform. Here’s a checklist that you can follow to make sure that your strategies are completely aligned with today’s industry standards:

smart messaging e-commerce solutions

In-app messaging.

This is applicable to both your website and its corresponding mobile application. In-app messaging features include two-way communication, where a client can either alert you about their intention to be on an item wait-list or type up a more specific concern, and you become notified of this communication and respond in turn. Some in-app messaging features have options for real-time communication, if you have enough manpower to run such a feature, or an “I’ll get back to you soon” notice that gives you time to respond.

Social media availability.

Practically every business on the World Wide Web these days have its own Facebook page, Instagram account, and whatnot – but not all make a habit of responding to inquiries on these channels. A large number of prospective and returning customers regularly use social media to find out about the latest brands and updates on their product lines, and will not hesitate to hit the Message feature to quickly type in an inquiry. Keeping your customers and making new ones will always mean replying to these messages.

Smarter email communication.

Connecting your store to email service is always a good idea, but you can take it one step further by applying personalization options to make sure that the information your clients receive (and can respond to) are tailor fit to their concerns and interests. Website monitoring software can keep track of who among your subscribers spend more time on particular product categories, and this information can help you sort out which particular groups get notices about product lines that they are more likely to cue into.

Channels That Are Here to Stay

These three channels are constantly evolving to introduce new features and refinements that are both for the benefit of customers and businesses, so it is always good to stay on your toes (and stay ahead in the lead, over your competitors) and adapt to the latest version or iteration. Gone are the days when inquiries were primarily coursed through telephone or SMS communication, as this new and usually instantaneous means of communication is the easiest and more preferred option. It’s an exciting new avenue that may come with its own form of challenges and obstacles, but when businesses persist and are determined to utilize its maximum potential they will certainly get to enjoy the benefits that it has to offer them.