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Digital Marketing is here to stay, but it doesn’t mean that you need to have ultra-specific strategies that you apply per industry. Heed these six strategies that you can use as the base setup for your Digital Marketing techniques – all applicable anywhere and everywhere you try them!

There’s no doubting that Digital Marketing is indeed the name of the game if you want to expand and bring your brand closer to your customers. And while every niche will have its own special approach, there still remains a few Digital Marketing Strategies across practically any and every industry. Check out six of them below.

digital marketing strategies

1. Content = King

No matter how many gimmicks you come up with, the fact remains that content should always be high quality. As a digital marketer, this should be your top priority. Quality content is that which provides interesting and relevant information to your customers (and potential customers) – enough to build their trust in the brand and have them view you as a subject matter expert.

2. Active Search Engine Optimization

Supporting your visual content are the words, sentences, and paragraphs that deliver numerous benefits to your SEO rankings. While pictures and videos are popular, especially in search engine results, it is imperative that you supplement these with highly optimized meta descriptions, targeted keywords, and alt tags – all of which are components of a truly effective SEO strategy. With this also comes the knowledge that in these changing times, users are now more used to inputting more complicated or lengthy search queries (as opposed to just a number of keywords like before), so quality and relevance ought to be a must over traditional keyword density.

3. Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization used to be classified as an added feature for websites, but in this day and age, it is an absolute must – especially if you are targeting the millennials and wish for them to convert into lifetime customers. The true potential for Digital Marketing will only be reached when you create a platform of your content for the mobile devices that these customers are constantly tethered to.

4. A Timely (and Regular) Website Revamp

You might have initially been very pleased with your stunning website five years ago, but at the pace technology is going now you can practically consider it obsolete. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small out-of-the-house operation: in order to keep up with the times, it’s essential for your website design to look like it was made just the other day, oozing with what’s new and what’s on trend. Make it modern, visually pleasing, and ultra easy to navigate and pretty soon you’ll find your brand image taking a turn for the better. A beautiful website design is also a fast way to capture the eye of would-be followers. Think of it as making a beautiful packaging for an equally beautiful present: your content.

5. A Polished Social Media Strategy

Social media strategies are necessary for brand survival and relevance. However, not all social media practitioners employ strategies that help (as opposed to hurt) their brand. While it’s so easy and cheap to create an account on a variety of social media platforms, the real legwork begins with how well you are planning to use it to add more value to your brand and make converts out of spectators.

6. Add a Touch of Personalization

And finally, do make it a point to personalize your efforts to please social creatures. Add inputs that allow you to address people using their first names, look for opportunities for social interaction, and be true to the promise of nurturing individual relationships in the name of the brand, trust, and loyalty. Take advantage of the above Digital Marketing tips, also social media tools and algorithms to really get to know your customers, group them according to a number of variables, and deliver what each segment wants, needs, or might be interested in. Adding a human touch to your efforts will be the best way for your customers to know that behind all that Digital Marketing effort are real people who genuinely believe they have something worthwhile to offer customers with!