Introducing Codebase v2.2



We’re super excited to announce the v2.2 release of our CodeBase and we wanted to let you know what to expect with the new release! We also have an amazing market-first software release that we’re eager to share with you!


CodeBase v2.2

What’s New:

Over the past few months, our R&D team has been working extremely hard to bring you the fastest, most secure, and most innovative codebase on the direct response market. We’re thrilled to share the improvements we’ve made with you!


60% Faster
With our new v2.2 CodeBase, we’ve optimized our code to perform up to 60% faster, with the help of NGINX, APC, SQLite & JSON, making your customers happy!

Fraud Detection
Our new codebase now holds an extra layer of fraud detection upon what was already available with your CRM.

Email Verification
You’ll now be able to make your customers validate their email before checkout with our new connectivity with xVerify* & Mailgun, increasing your mail delivery rate.

SmartyStreets API
With our new codebase, we can verify your customers address before purchases.

Asychronous Split Charge
With v2, you’ll now see dramatic improvements in load times with the implementation of asynchronous split charge.

New Blocking Features
Have the ability to block purchases depending on Email, IPs and ZIP codes.
Still not impressed? There’s more!

Pre-Paid Flow Redirection
Pre-Paid cards are not always bad for the business! Now you’ll be capable of redirecting pre-paid payments to an alternative checkout with higher price points.

Auto-Populate City & State
Speed up checkout with our new auto-populate city & state feature, powered by Google-Map API.

Shared Blacklist with v2
With an anonymously collected database of fraudulent customers, along with v2, you will now be able to look over your orders and be notified of any suspicious orders.

Multiple CRM Compatibility
You will now have the ability to switch between CRM’s with ease with our new v2.2 codebase
+ more
We would be very eager to see all of your new campaigns with the v2 codebase, as we know you’ll benefit significantly from the hard work and determination that our team has put in. Please note direct migration from v1 is not possible, please click “Inquire” below to contact our team.
 El Minara 
 Everyone here at CodeClouds is super excited about the El Minara release next month, and we’d love to tell you all about it!

El Minara is a market-first e-commerce website manager and generator. With a few clicks, you will be able to point your domain to our platform and able to build e-commerce pages easily. Let us worry about the hosting, or host yourself and use the platform separately. El Minara clients will also have access to a gallery of e-commerce page templates and have the ability to edit/manage all their pages from one place.

We’re also excited to announce the document management capabilities with El Minara. Now you’ll be able to manage all your documents in one single place, with the capability to sync to Google Drive and DropBox! How easy!

With El Minara, you’ll also have access to free, auto-renewing SSL certificates and the capability to manage all your mailboxes from one single interface!

El Minara-Beta will be made available next month and will remain free to all our customers throughout the Beta period. We sincerely request all our clients to register their interest with us as we’d love to see a large amount of feedback, which will be beneficial for everyone in the program.

We are very excited for the launch and we hope you are too! If you’d like any more information regarding El Minara, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We’re very passionate and devoted to helping you grow your business and we look forward to sharing our excitement with you over the next several months.

This year has been a very exciting year for us here at CodeClouds and we’re happy to announce that our office opening in New Zealand has gone incredibly smooth! Due to our global hold, now help is available from us 22/5 for an additional cost, please get in contact with us to express your interest.