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Create Ecommerce Sites Without Any Programming Experience

Built by developers for designers.

El Minara offers powerful tools for direct response professionals to create fully functional ecommerce pages with zero coding experience. Get started with a template or use one of our pre-built themes which are ready to go with your content. You can even upload HTML files to create your own custom page!

With various hosting options, domain management tools and support for third-party CRMs you can get up and running in no time.

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El Minara Features

El Minara Makes It Easier for Direct Response Marketers

Let's Have a Look at the Features


Listed here is a directory of companies that your pages will fall under. After setting up a company, the information entered will be made available for each funnel registered in the form of a token. This makes site updates a lot faster.


Under the Owners section, you are able to list anyone who is directly involved in your listed companies. This information can be searched and located on request.


El Minara includes a document management tool that can help you manage your business related documents. The documents can be stored, managed, viewed, downloaded, and annotated any time securely within El Minara.


When running a business, it’s important that you keep track of all of your contacts. With the contacts section of El Minara, you will be able to enter in the details of your contacts’ and keep track of them in relation to your Co-Owners and Companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

El Minara is a powerful Page Builder platform that offers numerous templates to create a personalized e-commerce website with no coding experience required. You can even create your own stylized template by uploading files or you can even get started with barebone template prototypes.
You can add your domains to a dedicated domain manager in El Minara. You’ll be asked to verify the ownership of the domain, once completed your domain will be ready to use.
El Minara has a list of all the countries/currencies in the database, however, you're free to choose the ones that you want to show on your e-commerce pages. El Minara can also auto detect countries and show currencies based on the data.
If you want to know more, click and watch the tutorials.
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