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Hire front-end developers from an outstanding web development company! CodeClouds' team consists of various experts that create user-friendly and engaging interactions for your website or web applications through popular front-end development frameworks. Our reputation for successful delivery of high quality and custom web experiences to our clients and businesses is unmatched by any other. You can have full confidence in our team to get your front-end development project done right.

HTML5 Development

We build intuitive and user-friendly front-end solutions using the robust and versatile HTML5 language, no matter how complex your project.

Angular Development

Our web developers have built a reputation for being one of the top Angular development companies by delivering outstanding solutions.

Bootstrap Development

Our comprehensive Bootstrap experience allows us to expedite the front-end development process and build complete solutions in no time at all.

React Development

Hire CodeClouds' front-end developers to build you an interactive and appealing and user interface for your website, online store or app.

Design-to-Code Development

Our front-end web development experts can transform your existing custom design into a fully functional website, web app or online store.

Dedicated Testing & Quality Assurance Team

CodeClouds' dedicated testing and quality assurance team inspects every last detail of your project for any issues before delivery.

Our Expertise in Front-End Development

CodeClouds' expert front-end developers have extensive knowledge with various web technologies. We innovate upon leading web development standards and dedicate ourselves to developing outstanding front-end solutions, which allow us to bring you truly customized web experiences with exceptional user-friendliness.

See the various business industries serve for front-end development.

Ecommerce & Retail

Ecommerce and Retail

Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare and Medical

Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance

Lifestyle & Fitness

Lifestyle and Fitness

Education & Learning

Education and Learning

Entertainment & Media

Entertainment and Media

...and many more!

Hire Front-End Developers

Benefits of Working with CodeClouds

When you choose to work with our leading front-end professionals, you'll get a team of seasoned developers that are focused on building your next successful project. Our part and full time packages suit all your development needs, with expert project managers to sort you out whenever you need it.

Dedicated Developers

Get CodeClouds' expert front-end developers take care of your project for you, so you can focus on your growing business.

Fast Development

Over the years we've refined our development process to maximize the efficiency and the quality of the front-end solutions we provide.

Satisfaction Guarantee

CodeClouds' developers ensure you are in tune with the process, and provide progress reports for your mobile app development experience.

Competitive Pricing

Hire front-end developers at our competitive rates without sacrificing the quality of service and the solutions you expect

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We respect your privacy, so we sign an NDA to ensure your data and business projects are kept safe and secure at CodeClouds.

18/5 Global Support

Get 18/5 technical support and assistance from our four global office locations in India, US, New Zealand and Australia.

Our Hiring Process

Kickstart your front-end development process by reaching out to our dedicated development professionals. Our goal is to take you through the development process seamlessly while making sure your project's requirements are met.

Enquiry & Analysis

Enquiry & Analysis

When you submit an enquiry form, our team will contact you for further discussion about the details of your project.


Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Our team of designers will help you gain a vision for your project (if needed), or customize an existing design you have.


Development & Testing

Development & Testing

From there, dedicated developers and testers make your project come to life, and ensure smooth operation.


Successful Delivery

Successful Delivery

When your project is deployed successfully, we continue our support so that it keeps running for years to come.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Whether you're choosing to develop just using simple HTML5 or through web development frameworks like Angular, React or Bootstrap you'll need to consider these things. Who your target audience is, what kind of content is required, interaction between the user and software, and the overall UI/UX. There is no definitive answer to this question, however you can reach out to our talented team of front-end developers at CodeClouds and we'll suggest front-end frameworks best suited for your project.
This depends on the complexity of your project and whether you're building a website or application. Building a web application can take anywhere from 1-2 months to fully develop the front-end interface, as well as the user experience, while a website usually takes around 2-3 weeks. Keep in mind however, quality takes time and the more design that's required, the longer it will take.
There are plenty of powerful and intuitive front-end development tools out there, but here are the most popular ones being used today aside from HTML5. We recommend tools like Angular, React, Vue, and Bootstrap.
HTML5 is a markup language and is the most basic web development language every developer learns. HTML5 is great for build static websites which require no additional functionality. Front-end development frameworks like Angular, React and Vue.js make it much easier and faster to create, prototype and build front-end UI.
Save time and reduce costs significantly when you outsource your front-end web development to CodeClouds. We provide dedicated front-end development teams and shared resources to work on your project full-time. Check out our article about offshore development teams.
Right from the beginning, we make sure to keep you in the loop by providing progress updates on your front-end web development. During that time you can provide feedback and we'll implement it. This process repeats until you are satisfied with the final result.
After successfully launching your website or web app, we have an open support team to ensure any problems that arise are resolved quickly and efficiently. We can implement suggested updates or feature requests at an additional cost. Find out more about our support services.

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