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Mobile app development is becoming increasingly more popular as businesses continue to reap the benefits of successful engagement by staying relevant. Our team provides full-cycle services with solid expertise in mobile application design and development, that deliver an effective, easy-to-use, and smooth user experience.



Unify Mobile is an app that lets you manage day-to-day CRM tasks on the go, without the need to access your computer.

We understand things get busy during the day and you may not be on your computer all the time. That’s why our app lets you manage your orders and other tasks right from your pocket.

Technology Used

React Native, Firebase, Laravel

Project Duration

6-7 months

Screen views
Sales Summary

Real-time daily, weekly, monthly and custom sales overview from users CRM.

View Orders

View and manage (void, refund, cancel) orders.


The list of information for new potential customers.

Orders Summary

View order details and track shipping status.

Available On
  • appstore
  • google-play


Reliable air quality information is brought to you by this leading provider. Pure AQ is an app that enables you to monitor the air quality in your location in real time.

With its extensive network of air pollution sensors you can be assured that you can keep up to date on the quality of air wherever you may be.

Technology Used

React Native, Firebase functions (Node JS), Firestore

Project Duration

2.5 months

Screen views
Daily Report

Daily report of local air quality, weather, humidity and temperature.

Location Setting

Add, delete or arrange orders of the locations to monitor.

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast of the coming week with details displayed on tab.

Air Quality Heat Map

Air quality conditions visualised in heat map and line graph.

Available On
  • google-play


Sonify is an everyday recording companion to document the audio of important moments. Capture meetings, personal memos, songs and more with clear sound quality that you can play directly from your phone.

This user-friendly app pairs functionality with convenience making it a staple for people who value efficiency.

Technology Used

React Native

Project Duration

2 months

Screen views
Decibel Reading

Real-time environment noise decibel minimum, average, and maximum measurements, visualized in historical graph.

Save & Playback

View, playback and edit list of saved recordings.


Adjust the decibel readings of the recording according to the microphone threshold of their devices.

Noice Reference

View noice reference according to the decibel scale.

Available On
  • google-play

Internet PrivacyDEVELOPMENT

Internet Privacy works to control the spread of your information across the entire internet. There are dozens of people-search sites where you and your family’s information may be exposed.

InternetPrivacy is an app that can scan virtually all of them and remove your information whenever it is found. This means you and your family can be rest assured that your personal data is not anywhere you don’t want it to be.

Technology Used

React Native, Laravel, MariaDB

Project Duration

4.5 months

Screen views

View internet privacy score and conditions of user’s search results.

Exposed Data

Discover the types of user data that has been exposed online.

Online Mentions

Monitor what other people post about the user on social.

Search Results

View what user data appears in Google search results.

Available On
  • google-play

Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream DEVELOPMENT

Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream is a small, independent children’s book publisher based in sunny San Diego, California.

They’re a small team of writers, designers, illustrators and book lovers who are committed to providing children’s books that are high quality and entertaining.

Technology Used

React Native, Firebase Functions (Node JS), Firestore, Shopify GraphQL

Project Duration

Ongoing Project

Screen views
Home Screen

Discover ebooks by filters including recommendations, new releases, best sellers and discount.

eBook Details

View ratings and details of the book, add to cart or library.

User Cart

View details, manage or proceed to checkout for items that the user had added to cart.

Membership Details

View different advantages of activating a user membership

Available On
  • appstore
  • google-play

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