Affiliate Channel Tracking Tools and Stats: Are You Hitting the Right Targets?

The best way to know whether your affiliate channel measures up is by the use of KPIs. Key performance indicators allow you to focus on specific aspects of your business to determine if they are high enough to be called successful. However, not all KPIs are the same – and not all of them will be applicable at all stages of your brand’s life.

Once your affiliate channel is up and running, the best way to monitor if it’s performing well is to measure its various elements through a number of KPIs or key point indicators. KPIs are great tools in determining whether your affiliate channel is thriving or not, but only if you are using the right ones. Good KPIs allow you to measure what really matters in terms of affiliate marketing, while “false” ones make you focus on seemingly important data that really doesn’t contribute to the big picture. When it comes to weighing in on your average affiliate channel stats, consider the following which are considered as quality KPIs:
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