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Basic Tips for Magento Performance Optimization

Published 20 May 2019 |

In this video we’ll go over a few quick tips to optimize your magento storefront. There are some basic things you can with your Magento installation that will give an immediate performance improvement.

Load Times Affect Conversion Rate

How Your Website’s Load Times Affects Conversion Rate!

Published 14 May 2019 |

Just how much are load times hurting your business? What can you do about them? We discuss some statistics from the infamous Google report, and some solutions to help get your page up to speed.

Battle of the Storefronts: WooCommerce vs Shopify

Published 06 May 2019 |

Shopify and WooCommerce and two of the most popular and enduring eCommerce storefronts on the internet, and with good reason: they both provide an excellent suite of business solutions. Learn about how they differ so you can choose the right one for you.

Why web fonts matter: a short history (and future) of font rendering

Published 19 April 2019 |

Font rendering is the process by which operating systems take text and turn it into display text. It has stayed relatively static for decades, but big things are happening—learn about how web fonts are turning the game upside—down.