Taking Business to the Next Level with Limelight CRM

Improve and improvise on your business with the breathtaking features of Limelight CRM that can help you get the best result. It brings effective ROI to your business with the amazing tools and functionality.

Running a business online will always necessitate innovation in order to stay relevant. As such, it is important to have the best software and tools to keep your daily business operations running smoothly. If you think your business is ready to upgrade to the next level, your immediate move should be to get a customer relationship management (or CRM) software like Limelight CRM. In this article we will break down best features LimeLight so that you can see how well it performs in providing you with solutions that actually work.

In a nutshell, Limelight CRM helps advertisers and eCommerce merchants in an exponential growth of revenue via subscription eCommerce and affiliate marketing. With it, you get tools that will allow you to manage campaigns with even greater success while at the same time simplifying processes and giving your business an extra layer of security.

A More Robust Customer Management Tool

Success in business will require quality relationships with customers, and Limelight can help in this area by letting you understand their needs. In doing so, you are able to provide them with better and ongoing support as a way of increasing customer retention. Some of the features include:

  • A highly user-friendly interface. This will allow you to access your customer database easily and search order histories in less time. Orders are organized according to tabs based on status, with the ability to securely update records and apply necessary actions to orders quickly. You can also see to future inquiries to allow you to upsell at any given time.
  • Includes a prospect database. Apart from existing customer database, there is also a prospect database that you can follow up with. You are able to salvage orders, add notes to records, and export such records to call center providers that will follow up with them.

eCommerce at Its Finest

There are also storefront tools in Limelight CRM that are deemed absolutely essential in e-commerce, such as:

  • Creating and setting up online campaigns. These can be 1-2 page campaigns using single products or even multiple products. It comes with the choice to upsell or not, and each can have its own particular look and feel.
  • Support for a variety of billing models. You can have single billing or even automated continuity billing, depending on your needs. Basically, you are given the full flexibility of working with a variety of programs as well as business strategies.
  • Multiple third-party providers. These include auto responders, payment gateways, affiliate tracking systems, fulfillment centers, anti-fraud providers, to name a few. Included as well are internal tools for assisting with other types of processes like chargeback management.
  • Different ways for posting orders. You can do this directly from web forms right to the CRM, or make use of APIs for posting orders from other solutions. Orders can even be taken over the phone or having them pass through the call center feature.

Complete Reporting and Analytics

Reports and analysis are important in staying on top of your business. Making sense of your data and knowing what your next steps are can be done through Limelight CRM integration reporting and analytics features:

  • Deep data analysis. Lime Light CRM takes your existing data and presents it back to your depending on the criteria you would like to post it against. You can peruse such reports from the point of view of campaigns, products, leads, and more.
  • Campaign information breakdown. These include customer lifetime value, conversion, refunded revenue, profit revenue, chargeback percentages, cancellations, etc.
  • Option to view reports through affiliates as well as sub-affiliates. Doing so will help you in identifying trends and comparing the results of both profits and losses across a variety of campaigns, price variations, and more.

Effective Email Auto-Responders

With the help of 3rd party providers, LimeLight CRM can help in retargeting the product to your prospects. LimeLight CRM supports various providers to convert your prospects into customers. 

These features will surely make you want to invest in CRM, and in doing so you will be able to take your business to the next level!

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