Material Or Virtual Reality: The Kind of World We Live in Now

Virtual reality or VR is indeed the talk of the town. These days, we wonder if we have fully swallowed up the notion that we live in a virtual world. Four points of discussion led to such a notion, namely VR gaming, virtual currency, instantaneous information, and programming power.

Technology-wise, It is safe to say that we are living in the “fastest” developing era in history. The rate of development is so quick these days, with turnaround happening not just in a matter of months but even weeks or just days. Virtual reality is fast becoming a household norm, with wearables and functions that allow us to “enter” a new dimension and spend countless of hours in there. Because of all of these happening at an increasingly alarming rate, it comes as no surprise as to why many are pondering whether or not we are already living in a computer simulation. Here, we outline some of the most pressing reasons that make humankind dwell more on this possibility. Read more