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Magento is an open source platform that has many out-of-the-box features such as seemless third-party intergrations, vast market extensions, and is scalable on demand to handle high growth. These unique features help your business engage with more customers by matching their expectations through a reliable and flexible platform. Your online store and business will be empowered with analytics, powerful data capabilities, order and shipment management, advanced payment options, and a secure infrastructure so you can have peace of mind.

CodeClouds offers result-oriented services at competitive prices. More than one third of the world’s e-commerce businesses rely on Magento to build their online store. While you concentrate on your business, we’ll take care of the development of your e-commerce store making it unique and engaging experiences. This includes theme customization, integration, web design, migration solutions and many more services you can find below.


Our Magento Development Services

Upgrading & Maintenance Services

Magento REST API Integration

Debugging & Troubleshooting

E-Commerce store development

Magento WordPress Integration

Platform Migration Solutions

Extension & Module Development

Theme Customization & Conversion

UI/UX Technical Auditors

Why Choose Us for Magento Development

Our developers promise to create a holistic e-commerce website for you. With professional skill sets they concentrate on delivering analytic reports, custom payment module installation and provide seamless WordPress and Magento integration. We have experts who take care of the entire Magento e-commerce development process and assist you in every step of the way.

There are numerous Magento extensions that lets you customize your page the way you want. Our developers tweaks the functionality of these extensions to get the look and feel of your website. You can even opt for Magento migration solution to avail all the advanced features of Magento. Get the right analyst to execute your project and implement value added services and features.

  • Magento developers with a proven track record in providing rich e-commerce solutions for clients across the world.
  • UI/UX professionals create easy navigation making it simpler for your customers to find their products.
  • Dedicated developer hiring plans are perfectly suitable for your project no matter how big or small the task.

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