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Expand Your Reach Through Our Strategic Partnerships

At CodeClouds, we have specially established strategic alliances to benefit our clients. These partnerships offer our clients easy and cost-effective access to leading providers of web-based products and services across the globe. CodeClouds has identified key products and services our clients need and has done the work of identifying, evaluating, and partnering with only the best. Rest assured, we are actively engaged with all of our partners to ensure they best serve your needs.

CodeClouds always explores new methods of efficiency and effectiveness by finding new strategic alliance partners to deliver the desired solutions. By hiring CodeClouds, you can gain access to a host of carefully selected, leading product and service providers that will take your online platform or business to new heights.

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  • CRM

    LimeLight CRM

    LimeLight is the one-stop shop eCommerce engine to manage your recurring billing and customer lifecycle. A flexible platform built to scale with your business, LimeLight has all the tools, features, and functionalities to personalize your business model at every stage of growth.

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    Konnektive CRM

    Konnektive CRM is designed to automate and synchronize your entire business with the easiest, most intuitive user interface. With hundreds of integrations through Konnektive, you'll never be scrambling to find your data by going to multiple systems. Everything you need at your fingertips; all in one place!

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    Response CRM

    Response CRM is a SaaS solution that blends marketing, logistics and payments technology for direct response advertisers.

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    SIX is the premier customer management and sales platform for E-commerce. With powerful automated reporting tools to help maximize your revenue, and advanced business intelligence tools drill down into data, spot trends, and yield insights on your next big move automatically. SIX is the perfect combination of an intuitive user interface, a robust feature set and quick API integrations that make it effortless to integrate with your team's existing workflow and business partners.

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  • Campaign Management

    Digital6 Technologies

    With over 15 years of experience in the direct response industry, Digital6 helps advertisers navigate all the moving parts in the complexities of launching and scaling an offer. With the emphasis on data-driven decisions, we've helped many clients regain control of their profitability.

    Digital6 Technologies address details

    ScaleOps Management

    SCALEOPS is a hands on business management services provider specializing in: Cash Flow Funding, Strategy Creation and Execution, CPA Optimization, Analytics, Cost Cutting and Revenue Generation, PCI Compliance, Chargeback Mitigation, CRM Management, MID Management, Auditing, Campaign Setup, Fulfillment Center Managment, Call Center Management and Special Request Projects. SCALE manages the daily backend operations so that you can focus on growing your business.

    ScaleOps Management address details

    Optimized Performance

    Optimized Performance Solutions is an experienced advertising agency offering performance marketing campaign management. Optimized Performance Solutions provides a complete suite of services for any startup or established enterprise seeking to grow their sales through online performance marketing.

    Optimyzer address details
  • Payment Processing


    DigiPay helps businesses of every size simplify payments with customized solutions integrated into a single platform. Clients benefit from the technology and professional support of DigiPay, coupled with instant access to the most respected banks and acquirers around the world. Digipay Solutions Inc. offers merchant processing and risk management services. Deep expertise in high-risk including trial and nutra.

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    FlexPay is an AI-Driven Decline Salvage platform designed to recover between 35% and 50% of a merchant's declined transactions. FlexPay only charges based on the recovered revenue or lift. Not only does that mean a substantial increase in recurring revenues for continuity merchants, but it also means an acquired customer can stay engaged with a merchant's brand for months to come.

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    Maverick BankCard

    Maverick BankCard is a full-service payment processor providing merchants throughout the US with technology-enabled payment processing, such as card and ACH acceptance. Since 2000, Maverick has supported thousands of merchants with end-to-end electronic payments with industry-leading tech, support, and rates.

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    Chargebacks911 provides cutting-edge, highly-scalable enterprise solutions and specialized consulting for chargeback compliance, risk mitigation, and dispute management. The company's dynamic technologies and tactical data analysis help decrease the negative impacts of chargebacks and disputes, thereby increasing customer retention and revenues. Chargebacks911 is recognized as the world's leading service provider for comprehensive dispute mitigation and remediation technology. The company has been named Best Chargeback Management Program, Best B2B Software, Best Industry Solution, and much more.

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  • Call Centre

    BDP Call Center

    There are 3 things that make an amazing partner call center able to handle all facets of your customer service. 1. Custom built programs specifically designed for your business type and your customers. 2. Performance and metric dedicated team established with Key Performance Indicators to maintain your brand standards while constantly optimizing to make things better. 3. Professional dedicated agents who become an extension of your team.

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    Full Service BPO, Customer Service, Email , Social Media Support, On Shore - Near Shore - Offshore Solutions Available. Specializing in Trial Continuity Offer and Online Sales Support.

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  • Affiliate Network


    Uniquely positioned to lead this space based on brand trust, team experience and technological innovation, Clickbooth is the recognized leader within online performance advertising. Clickbooth's vision is to create the premier Performance-Marketing ecosystem through our portfolio of companies with the ultimate goal to lead the shift of all online advertising to a Performance-Based model.

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    Jumbleberry is a pioneer of online customer acquisition. Dedicated to fostering strong relationships, the key to their success is their client-first philosophy which combined with constant development of best-in-class market insight, industry partnerships, standards, technology, and service has helped their clients acquire over 10 million customers in the global marketplace. Leveraging decades of industry experience, Jumbleberry leads the way in helping clients maximize opportunities across the network with scale that can be measured, managed and forecasted.

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    Sling Ads

    Sling Ads connects you with industry's top digital marketing experts. Sling Ads uses a CPA pricing model to guarantee retention rates! With distribution partners in 80 countries throughout the world. Sling Ads digital advertising channels include display media buys, search and PPC, social media (Facebook), and e-mail marketing.

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  • Fulfillment

    With a current network of 7 locations worldwide, ships millions of orders to more than 150 countries around the world. By the summer of 2019 will have 3 additional US locations, strategically placed to ensure 1-2-day delivery to 99.997% of the continental US. With the increase in postage fees and the demand to be competitive in the market, multiple locations will be a big key to success. takes its mission seriously: to empower online retailers to sell everything to everyone.

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    AutoShip Logistics

    Autoship Logistics LLC (ASL) specializes in both domestic and international B2B shipping, B2C fulfillment, and 3rd party logistics for the health & beauty market. With strategically positioned facilities and global partners, they can help eCommerce, Amazon, and brick & mortar retail customers at every step of the supply chain with product sourcing, fulfillment, returns, merchant processing, label design, web development, and other services. ASL carries 200+ on-demand private label products including supplements, topicals, CBD, powders, liquids, and essential oils.

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  • Other Technology Partners


    Fraud prevention is just the beginning. Grow your business using Kount's award-winning combination of advanced machine learning, flexible rules engine, and self-service analytics while protecting against financially malicious activity - without driving good customers away.

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    Trusted by over 13 million domains, Cloudflare is one of the world's largest cloud network platforms. Give your global users a faster, more secure, and more reliable internet experience.

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    Online Sellers Summit (ADSUM) is an event for online retailers and the services that support them. ADSUM brings Amazon resellers, Shopify storefronts, affiliate marketing advertisers, and anyone selling products online together with the companies that help them succeed. For three days, ADSUM helps everyone develop the knowledge and relationships to thrive. Online Sellers Summit is an industry retreat for the online retail community.

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    Conversion Hacker

    Conversion Hacker helps businesses create persuasive sales messages and increase customer lifetime value. We create highly converting copy for Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Presell Pages, and Email Sales Sequences. When you're looking to increase the value of your customer, without increasing your ad spend you want copy from Conversion Hacker.

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