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Expand Your Reach Through Our Strategic Partnerships

At CodeClouds, we have specially established strategic alliances to benefit our clients. These partnerships offer our clients easy and cost-effective access to leading providers of web-based products and services across the globe. CodeClouds has identified key products and services our clients need and has done the work of identifying, evaluating, and partnering with only the best. Rest assured, we are actively engaged with all of our partners to ensure they best serve your needs.

CodeClouds always explores new methods of efficiency and effectiveness by finding new strategic alliance partners to deliver the desired solutions. By hiring CodeClouds, you can gain access to a host of carefully selected, leading product and service providers that will take your online platform or business to new heights.

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  • CRM (LimeLight CRM) helps businesses maximize revenue through analytics, flexible billing, risk management & more. A fully integrated ecommerce platform built for speed, scale and lasting connections between brands and people.

    LimeLight Company Details

    Konnektive CRM

    Konnektive CRM is designed to automate and synchronize your entire business with the easiest, most intuitive user interface. With hundreds of integrations through Konnektive, you’ll never be scrambling to find your data by going to multiple systems. Everything you need at your fingertips; all in one place!

    Konnektive CRM Company Details

    29 Next

    29 Next powers a new generation of ecommerce brands as the only platform offering a global storefront, hosted marketing funnels, and a direct response CRM all-in-one. Maximize revenue and streamline operations with dynamic offers, subscriptions, customer journey tools, and integrated support ticketing. Leverage APIs and integrations for marketing automation, attribution, analytics, and much more..,.

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    Sublytics simplifies the view of E-Commerce data across your customer’s journey from brand discovery through retention. Now, you’ll truly understand the drivers of your customer’s lifetime value and have actionable insights to create scale and profitability for your business.

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    Response CRM

    Response CRM is a SaaS solution that blends marketing, logistics and payments technology for direct response advertisers.

    Response CRM Details
  • Campaign Management

    Digital6 Technologies

    With over 15 years of experience in the direct response industry, Digital6 helps advertisers navigate all the moving parts in the complexities of launching and scaling an offer. With the emphasis on data-driven decisions, we've helped many clients regain control of their profitability.

    Digital6 Technologies address details

    ScaleOps Management

    SCALEOPS is a hands on business management services provider specializing in: Cash Flow Funding, Strategy Creation and Execution, CPA Optimization, Analytics, Cost Cutting and Revenue Generation, PCI Compliance, Chargeback Mitigation, CRM Management, MID Management, Auditing, Campaign Setup, Fulfillment Center Managment, Call Centre Management and Special Request Projects. SCALE manages the daily backend operations so that you can focus on growing your business.

    ScaleOps Management address details

    Ignite Business Consulting

    Eylem has 18+ experience in DRTV space and owned and operated multiple e-commerce companies that did more than $100M in sales. Her expertise in running company operations, marketing, and product development makes her a valuable asset for any company she works with. Through her consulting company, Ignite Business Consulting.

    Ignite Business Consulting
  • Chargeback Help

    Chargeback Gurus

    Chargeback Gurus is the expert solution for custom chargeback management, the highest chargeback revenue recovery, cost-effective prevention, and comprehensive chargeback analytics.

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    Chargeback Hero

    Chargeback Hero is a real-time reporting and deep analytical tool for both responding to and managing chargebacks. We collaborate with our clients to help them improve their win rates on all chargebacks. In addition, we provide ongoing insight into ways to improve both their responses and prevention of chargebacks. Our system can fully integrate with most systems to provide a direct connection between the customer, their preferred tools, and the banks to provide immediate responses to all chargebacks.

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    Square 1 Consultants Group

    Square 1 Consultants Group is an all-inclusive campaign management company. From guiding clients on campaign setup; to assisting with chargeback mitigation services or employee training, Square 1 has you covered.

    go to Chargebacks911 details

    Xcaliber Solutions

    Efficiently and effectively manage customer returns and prevent chargebacks before they occur with Payment Dispute from XCaliber Solutions. Our XProtect technology is designed to give you access to the data and insights you need to prevent and fight chargebacks.

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  • Payment Processing

    Pepper Pay LLC

    Pepper Pay is a full-service payment facilitator offering products to meet any merchant need. Their pinless debit gateway allows ecommerce merchants to get the benefits of debit as if they were a retail environment.

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    Cambridge Commerce

    CambridgeCommerce has been in the payment processing industry since 1999. We are experienced at building sales and brands to success using partnership, service and value. Our partnership philosophy means that we take each client’s company and its performance personally. We have a customer service team that provides high-quality proactive support to ensure that each of our clients is always running at peak performance. To us, value is not just having competitive rates and fees but also making sure that risk factors remain low to reduce costs. By combining partnership, service and value, we assist our clients in becoming a success.

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    Paysafe is the leading specialized payments platform. We serve hundreds of thousands of merchants and business partners around the world, as well as millions of consumers – all of whom turn to Paysafe for our unrivalled choice of differentiated payments and payments services. Our goal is simple – we are obsessed with making payments as easy and secure as possible and we will keep investing in new technology and capabilities to remain a pioneer and leader in our industry.

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    Universal Pay provides world class credit card processing solutions for Card Not Present businesses. CBD Oil, Nutra, Continuity, Trial , Tech Support , Dating, MLM , Coaching/Seminars, and most eCommerce businesses, startups are accepted.

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    Elevated Payments

    Elevated Payments is a full-service payment processing provider for retail and e-commerce brands. Started by merchants and payment professionals with a combined 25 years in experience we take a unique approach at finding the best solutions for our clients. We work in all industries including Nutra, CBD, Dropshipping, and many more.

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  • Call Center


    Full Service BPO, Customer Service, Email , Social Media Support, On Shore – Near Shore – Offshore Solutions Available. We offer a globally competitive Customer Service Services that offers a wide array of practical, up-to-the minute solutions to all your outsourcing demands.

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    Dynamic Marketing Solutions

    Dynamic Marketing Solutions is a full customer service solution that provides unparalleled multi-lingual support for not only inbound customer service but inbound sales as well. Our in-house Montreal call center delivers cost-effective online marketing strategies and leverages our client’s unique members-only consumer savings programs in the USA and Canadian markets. We are unique in our ability to discover, preserve and maximize the revenue potential of our clientele.

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    Immunis Global Inc

    Immunis Global is a boutique contact center which focuses on voice and non-voice customer service, inbound and outbound telesales, debt collection, tech, gadget and programming services. Catering to many industries including nutritional supplements, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies, membership clubs, merchant processing and campaign consulting. Allow our back office and virtual assistant staff to make your life easier. Make Immunis Global your first choice for a reliable outsource partner in the Philippines.

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    Solvpath transfers your inbound customer support inquiries to a quick, dependable visual solution.Empowering customers to resolve basic and complex consumer tasks on their own.
    Let Solvpath automate up to 80% of your customer support requests.

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  • Affiliate Network


    Jumbleberry is a pioneer of online customer acquisition. Dedicated to fostering strong relationships, the key to their success is their client-first philosophy which combined with constant development of best-in-class market insight, industry partnerships, standards, technology, and service has helped their clients acquire over 10 million customers in the global marketplace. Leveraging decades of industry experience, Jumbleberry leads the way in helping clients maximize opportunities across the network with scale that can be measured, managed and forecasted.

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    Perform[cb] (Clickbooth)

    Uniquely positioned to lead this space based on brand trust, team experience and technological innovation, Perform is the recognized leader within online performance advertising. Perform’s vision is to create the premier Performance-Marketing ecosystem through our portfolio of companies with the ultimate goal to lead the shift of all online advertising to a Performance-Based model.

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    At ADeer, we specialize in direct response (Cost-Per-Action) marketing. Whether you are a veteran Advertiser looking for more traffic, or a new Advertiser getting started, you only pay for real results. Our trained team keeps a keen eye on your campaigns to make sure it is running compliantly and smoothly, and even offer insight on market news or trends that increase your ROI. As a Publisher, you can rely on us for the top-notch offers, on-time payments as well as unique solutions to scale up your profitability. We value partners that understand the importance of sustainability; together we will take your business to the next level.

    go to Clickbooth partner details

    Kainero Media

    Data-driven performance marketing. Our technology, software and full-service digital agency teams specialize in matching products to the right audience.

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    Whiskey River Media

    Marketing in today’s world is a massive undertaking. We are a full-service digital marketing company that deploys the village approach to meet all of your marketing needs. Our team has decades of experience in digital marketing, website design, graphic design, SEO, and paid social media buying to drive top line revenue to your business or service.

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    Advidi is a performance marketing network. Founded in 2012. Global, but deeply Dutch. With 300+ in-house Dating offers, and 1000+ offers in Nutra, Sweepstakes, and iGaming, Advidi has played a major role in the affiliate marketing industry in the past decade.

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    Acom Dgtl

    Founded by advertisers and affiliates; we know what it takes to grow your business. We provide quality traffic, high retention rates, leads and sales across multiple verticals in Nutra, Dating, Finance and more. With in-house offers, our own media buying department and multilingual team in 4 countries across two continents, we can help you scale. Fast.

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  • Fulfillment

    Worldwide Fulfillment Made Easy® (FDC) is the preeminent provider of B2C high volume e-commerce fulfillment services to Internet retailers worldwide. FDC's services include warehousing, product packaging, shipping and complex return services from 4 locations in the USA and 8 locations worldwide. (US, Canada, UK, EU, AU)

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    QuickBox Fulfillment

    Direct-to-consumer fulfillment and distribution services are the core offerings of QuickBox, it’s what we do to help your thriving e-commerce business grow. Whether your a smaller firm with big ambitions, or furthering the growth of your large business, the QuickBox team supports your efforts with robust technology, strong third-party relationships, modern operating facilities, and passionate employees. Learn about how successful D2C fulfillment can positively impact your business.

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    Fulfillment for direct-to-consumer e-commerce brands in the health, wellness and electronics verticals. Offering high quality electronic gadgets, nutritional and CBD supplement products for private label and true on-demand shipping. Get your account set up and start shipping same day. No upfront fees whatsoever.

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  • SEO

    Regency Interactive

    Regency's performance driven programs are designed to elevate client online engagement, providing custom tailored, measurable programs through our digital marketing programs, all implemented from our Wilson, North Carolina offices. Focusing on B2B. Primary services offered by our Agency include the following staples of Search Marketing - Pay-Per-Click Marketing through Google Ads & Bing Pay-Per-Click. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website.

    go to Regency Interactive partner details
  • Video Production

    Tony Frantz Studio

    Tony Frantz is a Commercial Photographer and Videographer. Friendly results-driven, successful professional photographer for over 20 years. Excels in all aspects of commercial photography from coordinating location scouts, models, and stylists, with satisfaction guaranteed upon delivery of images to clients. Expert at organization, time management, image management, attention to detail, and performs/works well under pressure. Strong communication and team-building experience.

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    VisCap Media

    VisCap Media is an elite crew of digital marketing professionals, starting in ecommerce as a group of direct to consumer founders who have built and scaled 8-figure brands that focused on direct response advertising in multiple industries.

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  • Other Technology Partners


    Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network delivers real-time fraud prevention, account protection, and enables personalized customer experiences to more than 6,500 leading brands and payment providers. Linked by Kount’s award-winning AI, the Identity Trust Global Network analyzes signals from 32 billion annual interactions in order to personalize user experiences across the spectrum of trust—from frictionless experiences to blocking fraud. Quick and accurate identity trust decisions deliver safe payments, account creation, and login events, while reducing digital fraud, chargebacks, false positives, and manual reviews.

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    FlexPay is an AI-Driven Decline Salvage platform designed to recover between 35% and 50% of a merchant's declined transactions. FlexPay only charges based on the recovered revenue or lift. Not only does that mean a substantial increase in recurring revenues for continuity merchants, but it also means an acquired customer can stay engaged with a merchant’s brand for months to come.

    go to Chargebacks911 details

    Everflow Technologies Inc

    Everflow is the smarter Partner Marketing & Tracking Platform. Everflow empowers clients to track campaigns without links and understand everything: Affiliates, Influencers, App Publishers, Referral Partners, Strategic Partners, and even all the Performance Media Buying Channels. Everflow provides speed and scale through Google Cloud infrastructure, automated optimization through SmartSwitch, with accessible reports for deep diving into every user’s click.

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    RevCent is the ultimate suite of business tools to empower your sales, subscription, or recurring revenue projects. RevCent provides extreme flexibility in subscription and trial offer management. You can easily handle simple to complex requirements for multiple card processors and decline salvage needs. Understand your metrics and marketing with customized dashboards and unlimited reports.

    Response CRM Details
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