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In today’s world, every business demands responsive websites with impressive content, attractive graphics and amazing UX. WordPress is a renowned CMS that has a reliable scope in website designing and development. Many business enterprises looking to gain online presence choose WordPress as a platform for website development. It acts as the backbone of a website and is used by most of the leading organizations and businesses globally. You can share optimization with additional plugins that provide an opportunity to become more responsive than others.

At CodeClouds, we aim to give professional WordPress solutions that can be tailored to any business’s model and all industry verticals. Our team can provide custom WordPress development solutions including plugin development, theme development, and maintenance services. Getting started with WordPress is easy when you choose CodeClouds’ professional WordPress development services, tailored to flexibly work around your business requirements.


Providing the Best Wordpress Services

  • Growing Your Audience

    Growing Your Audience

    We can help you attract more customers and improve your online store. With 5+ years of experience we've figured out techniques and strategies to keep your customers engaged and actively buying your products.

  • Plugin and Extension Development

    Plugin and Extension Development

    Want to improve the experience of your customers? We've developed and customized hundreds of plugins and extensions for many different types of websites and WooCommerce stores, improving usability and enhancing customer engagement.

  • Wordpress CMS Integration

    Wordpress CMS Integration

    With the Wordpress CMS, we can easily implement core features and functionality into your site. Acclaimed features such as multitasking, spam resistance and an advanced management system are only a few of the many features WordPress can bring.

  • Implementation and Setup

    Implementation and Setup

    Setting up Wordpress and implementing the features you want is easy when you work with us. We do all the hard work so you can reap the benefits of an improved online presence and higher revenue.

  • Unparalleled Theme Customization

    Unparalleled Theme Customization

    Can’t find the perfect theme that suits your business or store? Our specialized customization services offer you professional and premium designs crafted to your exact requirements.

  • Get in touch for more Wordpress services

    Get in touch for more Wordpress services

    Our Wordpress development team aim to provide the best services for the development of your site. Just contact our team with your specific requirements and we can help you reach a solution in no time.

Wordpress Developer Hiring Options

With the basic package you get no long term contracts, allocated 40 hours a month, unmanaged development, and low cost. This is a great plan to test the waters and if need extra goodies, you can easily upgrade anytime!

  • Unmanaged development
  • Low cost
  • 40 Hours per month
  • Upgrade or cancel anytime

The part time allows you to work with the same developer throughout your projects. With this package you get no long term contracts, 80 hours per month, shared project manager and server support technicians. This plan provides plenty of resources for everyday project development needs.

  • Same developer everyday
  • Monthly and managed
  • No long term contracts
  • Shared project manager
  • Shared server support
  • 80 hours per month
  • 18/5 Emergency Support

Reasons to Work with Our Wordpress Experts

  • Work with professional Wordpress developers that are industry veterans
  • We have 5+ years of experience with different versions of WordPress
  • Strong time management skills resulting in efficiency and on-time delivery
  • Access to rapid communication with our developers during all operation hours
  • Competitive rates and value for your investment with our WordPress services
  • Support services from all our global offices - India, USA, New Zealand and Australia

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