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NEWS | 02 August 2019 Names CodeClouds Top B2B Creative Design Agency in Indiana

At CodeClouds, we strive to ensure client satisfaction. With outstanding services in web development, e-commerce and creative design we have established ourselves as a reliable catalyst for business success.

Our team has expanded exponentially and is currently 250+ strong, residing in four different global locations. The diversity of our operation allows us to access the very best technical and creative international talent, making them accessible and affordable to clients anywhere in the world

We’re very proud of our success so far and have recently been recognized for the quality business solutions we provide. The US faction of our team being identified by as one of the top B2B creative design agencies in Indiana.

top B2B creative design agencies in Indiana

Clutch is an important rating and review firm that has great importance in the web development sphere. They have an in-depth review process undertaking and analyzing market research. However, their most important difference being that they interview clients post project completion to gain an unbiased account of their experience.

The client will be asked to comment on work quality, cost and investment, the working practice of a company and any other impressive or not so impressive aspects that stood out to the client. Mixing market research and interviews, companies are then ranked within Clutch directories. Clutch acts as a credibility filter through all of the advertising fluff that confuses clients amidst key business decisions. Allowing clients to determine the best companies to work with based on externally confirmed reputability. 

Our consistency in client satisfaction has earned us a current rating of 4.9 stars out of a total of 5.

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from recent projects: 

top B2B creative design agencies in Indiana
top web development companies in Indiana

We’ve more than earned our spot as one of the top web development companies in Indiana, but we don’t plan on stopping there! We want to hold this spot whilst achieving more fame globally by making our clients’ ambitions a reality.

Top Creative Design Agency in Indiana

We’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who has shared mutual success with us so far. You’ve been a joy to work with and we hope to continue serving you towards a more prosperous future.

Originally written August 02, 2019. Last updated September 9th, 2020


Written by Brian Hill

Brian is an avid follower of online industries, with a special focus on retail platforms. He believes that E-Commerce will one day surpass brick and mortar stores in the modern world.

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