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Getting the Most out of Your Marketing Strategies with Cake (!

Written on 30 Jun 2017

Optimizing your campaigns for multi-channel/direct response can be difficult, and pinpointing what strategies are working and how to make improvements is challenging without the proper data analytics to give you a clear picture. This is where Cake comes in. Cake is an affiliate marketing and tracking platform that can help you identify the affiliates and campaigns that perform the best, and better optimize your ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend!).

cake integration and marketing strategies

1. Advertiser Performance Tracking

If you want to track advertiser performance across multiple channels, then Cake is the software is for you. Cake makes better sense of the data that makes up your advertising performance, allowing you to optimize your digital marketing budget. Cake integration improves the quality of your lead-generation efforts. It does this through:
  • Multi-channel tracking and attribution: better insights into traffic based on digital marketing channels. Cake comes packaged with varied customization options for your attribution model views including: linear, engagement, time decay.
  • Comprehensive reporting and optimized data visualization allow you to identify which channels are performing well and which aren’t, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. You can also customize reports based on the user, and have the option to share views throughout your organization.
  • Lead generation and distribution—realtime automated collection, validation and distribution of leads using industry-level tools, plus the option to collect actionable metrics of all orders with the product feed integration feature.

2. Network Performance Tracking

If you want to identify your most valuable affiliates and campaigns, Cake integration is a great way to accomplish that, because you only need to use a single tool to manage your whole network. Cake’s network tracking features include:
  • Multiple payout formats: allows you to set payouts according to the campaign with each conversion or each event. This means being able to track marketing costs across entire campaigns.
  • Real-time metrics, lead generation: you can instantly track real-time performance of your different campaigns or affiliates. Bonus features include accessing data through an API, and scheduling and exporting specific reports. You can also get realtime lead generation reports.
  • Targeted campaign control: this will let you steer your campaign course with location, browser, and device tracking, among other features.
  • Customization options: perform custom report calculations, complete with unique custom views for each of your reports instead of just exporting them to Excel.

3. Maximizing Lead Distribution ROI

CAKE ( integration helps you grow both online sales and efforts in lead management. It is able to do this thanks to:
  • Turn-key system: everything needed to run online lead management is ready to use right out of the box.
  • Automated lead management: with options for multi-, single- and hybrid lead-selling capabilities.
  • Smart routing technology: allows you to maximize your revenue while at the same time filling in demand throughout all your lead buyers.
  • Extensive filtering capabilities: provides filtering options that are highly customizable and can be used in any form field. It also lets you create fields that are compound filterable. There’s also an option for you to route or sell your outbound leads using geographic parameters-sell Indian leads to Indian businesses, sell US leads to US businesses.
  • Fraud detection features: Cake leverages integrations with reputable companies like Xverify and e-Hawk to keep you safe from scammers and other online threats.
  • Lead buyer portal: Your buyers have the option to log into a portal that’s exclusively dedicated to managing lead returns, making deposits, and report access.
  • Buyer credit management: provides your lead buyers with extended credit lines, or even use in order to take deposits via credit card.
Cake’s data analytics platform is a robust system for improving marketing performance in the advertiser performance tracking, network performance tracking, and lead distribution ROI. Any marketer worth their salt knows that these three channels are critical for business success; integrating Cake into their existing set of business growth tools will deliver the results they want. integration
CodeClouds has a team of developers with experience integrating Cake with several marketing funnels. If you are looking for a cake ( implementation specialist, please reach out to our sales team.

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