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Inspiring Opportunities

As a company, our strength is derived from the talent and dedication of our employees. We seek to provide opportunities that will inspire and motivate our team so they can experience true joy and fulfillment from their careers with us. Our team-focused culture is at the heart of everything we do.

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Accomplish Goals Together

CodeClouds is a place where smart, talented people from diverse backgrounds come together to achieve common goals. Together, we solve our clients’ greatest challenges and offer innovative solutions they can’t find anywhere else. Our employees devote their time, energy, and talents to achieve this level of success, and are rewarded for these efforts in ways not found at other companies.

Enjoy Working at CodeClouds

When it comes to benefits and perks, we have everything you could want, including health insurance, retirement benefits, competitive compensation, frequent celebrations, employee outings, volunteer opportunities, and more. If you enjoy splashing colors on the occasion of Holi, lighting diyas, making rangolis on Diwali, and shaking your legs on the dance floor, CodeClouds is the place for you!


Our Favorite Moments

At CodeClouds, we make time to celebrate life’s important moments and find reasons to celebrate as often as we can! Maintaining a positive workplace where our team members are fulfilled and inspired requires taking time out of a normal work day to have fun and celebrate successes.

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Broaden Your Horizon at CodeClouds

We take care of employees physically, emotionally, socially and financially. Broaden your horizon. Reinvent yourself. Work with the best people. Experience innovation at every turn!

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Equal Opportunity

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Equal opportunity at CodeClouds means respecting every employee and celebrating diversity in the workforce. We would never discriminate in the form of caste or creed. We believe everyone has equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or nationality. Our commitment to equal opportunity employment makes CodeClouds a safe and attractive workplace for all employees.

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Core Values

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Commitment to excellence drives everything we do. We have created a culture where customers and employees always come first. We value talent, drive, innovation, honesty, commitment, and relationships built on mutual trust and respect. We are a high-performance, high-energy organization. Our core values shine through in all we do from providing unparalleled client service to delivering quality-of-life-enhancing benefits to our dedicated employees.

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Motivation & Support

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Our friendly and supportive work environment affords exciting opportunities for all team members. We encourage professional development and celebrate personal growth. At CodeClouds, you will discover the opportunity to sharpen your existing knowledge and to attain proficiency in new areas. We work hard together and share in each other’s success. We know a motivated and inspired workforce is the key to CodeClouds’ success, and we offer exciting opportunities for those who are ready to join our growing team

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CodeClouds believes in the principle “a sound mind in a sound body.” We deliver employees excellent benefits with the help of ESI scheme where one can enjoy full medical care, including family members. Medical care is also provided to retired and permanently disabled persons and their spouses. ESI benefit plans are designed to keep our employees and their families healthy and ensure improved quality of life.

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Spirit of Collaboration

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Our offices and cafes are designed to support and encourage interactions across different teams and spark sharing of ideas about our work. We work hard to foster an open culture that celebrates innovation and rewards collaboration. We have developed a united workforce in which we rejoice in each other’s success, promote the sharing of ideas and information, and cultivate a spirit of mentorship.

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Diversity is critical for success in a global arena. Diversity of backgrounds, diversity of ideas, and diversity of skillsets is essential to excel in a diverse world where needs vary greatly from client to client, from project to project. CodeClouds has thoughtfully incorporated the principles of diversity in everything we do from our hiring practices to our professional development programs to our social service initiatives.

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CodeClouds’ internship programs offer an opportunity for hands-on learning to acquire new skills. All internship activities take place during office hours and on weekends. Open, interactive sessions encourage everyone to participate. With CodeClouds’ internship opportunities, you can hone your skills and acquire proficiency and expertise in new areas.

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Learning & Growth

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We are on a constant mission to create professional development opportunities for employees. We organize workshops, conference sessions and training programs to deliver the skills and information you need most. Through your participation, you can learn cutting-edge skills, innovative approaches, and valuable perspectives. Our large, diverse workforce ensures we have something new to offer everyone.

Event and Celebrations

Events & Celebrations

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This company knows how to have fun! We celebrate each and every special moment in life. We realize the secret of our success lies in the fun and enjoyment we have together, and we make it a point to celebrate occasions both big and small. We decorate the office at holiday time, eat birthday cake on a regular basis, and find reasons to fill the office with music, color, and joyful noise anytime we can!