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A Plugin for WooCommerce/Wordpress, Magento and Shopify

Unify is your solution to integrate your CRM into your e-commerce storefront, add a customer portal to handle common tasks like tracking and returns, as well as a basic ticket system.With support for the integration of LimeLight CRM and Konnektive CRM, you'll be able to accept and process payments through your storefront with ease.

Unify Free supports both WooCommerce on WordPress and Magento. With Unify Free, you can easily map products between your storefront and your CRM, as well as batch import products saving you time and reducing frustration. Unify Pro ($199 a month) also comes with support for CRM integration with Shopify.

More Amazing Features with Unify Pro

Unify Pro adds support for subscription orders, often essential for direct response campaigns. With subscription orders often comes an increased need for customer support for modifying or cancelling a subscription. Improving response time and making sure the customer is able to do these things without frustration is essential in reducing your chargebacks. For this reason, Unify Pro also has a customer portal and a support system. Customers can login using just their email and order number (no need to create an account).

From the portal, they can —

  • Track their orders

  • Pause or modify a subscription

  • Cancel an order

  • Request a return and/or refund

  • Cancel a subscription

  • Skip a subscription cycle

To assist with the return/refund process, Unify Pro includes a lightweight customer support chat system as well as a basic traditional support ticket system. Not everyone has a 24/7 support staff. Unify allows you to reduce the need for more support agents as well as provide quicker response times. If tickets are not resolved within a specified amount of time, they can be automatically resolved by approval, preventing anything from falling through the cracks. Finally, Unify Pro comes with additional built in plugins for Shopify which include coupon management, address validation, fraud detection, and more.

If you simply want basic integration for WooCommerce or Magento, Unify Free is all you need. If you need Shopify support or you are interested in the many great features of Unify Pro, contact our sales team today!

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Unify Free & Pro Feature Comparison

Unify Free Plugin
Unify Premium Plugin

List of all features

Unify Free

Unify Pro

Process payments through supported CRMs (LimeLight CRM and Konnektive CRM)


Map products between your storefront and your CRM


Batch import products


Support for WooCommerce/WordPress and Magento


Support for Shopify

Not AvailableAvailable

Subscription management through membership portal

Not AvailableAvailable

Void and refund requests through Unify

Not AvailableAvailable

Basic support ticket system

Not AvailableAvailable

Lightweight customer support chat

Not AvailableAvailable

Customer membership portal where customers can manage and track their orders

Not AvailableAvailable

Control Panel

Not AvailableAvailable

Various built in plugins, including coupon management, address validation, fraud detection, and more (Shopify only)

Not AvailableAvailable
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