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A Plugin for Wordpress & Magento

Unify is a CRM payment plugin for Magento and Wordpress. With Unify’s free plugin, you can accept credit card payments directly through supported CRM’s such as LimeLight and Konnektive. More CRM support is actively being added.

In addition to what the free plugin offers, upgrading to Unify Pro will add support for subscriptions, voiding purchases, issuing refunds, managing coupon codes in your CRM, and seeing the status of orders in Magento or Wordpress. It also adds a membership portal where customers can log in and retrieve their tracking number or cancel an order. Unify Pro is available for a simple monthly fee of $99.

Supported CRMs with Unify

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  • Setup Unify in
  • wp-original wp-white
  • or
  • mg-original mg-white

Step 1 | Upload Files

Upload the entire codeclouds-unify folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Step 2 | Activation

Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Unify Plugin Packages

Unify free Box

Unify Free

$0 / mo

  • Process payments through a supported CRM

Unify Pro Box

Unify Pro

$99 / mo

  • Process payments through a supported CRM

  • Sync subscription orders which are paid by this module

  • Void orders and process refunds

  • Reveal order status in the CRM (if supported by CRM)

  • Manage coupons in your CRM

  • Membership portal allowing customers to track or cancel their orders