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ECOMMERCE | 30 November 2016

Improving Fulfillment Processes with Konnektive CRM

Opening an e-commerce website certainly requires different tools and strategies. What really determines the heart and soul of the entire operation is how well the fulfillment processes are achieved.

Behind every successful online store is a solid CRM. A CRM takes care of every action required to see a transaction through to completion, from marketing to order processing and shipment. The importance of such a tool cannot be stressed enough. One of the best – if not the best – CRM out there is Konnektive CRM. Designed to simplify the management tasks associated with your online store, it’s practically a household name for every technopreneur out there – and here’s why.

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More Than Just a Tool for Marketing

Many of the early adopters were led to the software because of its efficient marketing tools that allowed them to have a better hand at online campaign management, regular reporting and detailed analytics. Every software upgrade and improvement has allowed the product to evolve such that it has become a full-fledged, well-rounded tool that covers the most important aspects of e-commerce – especially with its advanced order fulfillment features.

Here is a small list of Konnektive third-party options.

  • Allows for call center integration. Konnektive provides a list of recommended call center service providers.
  • Makes fulfillment simple. A list of fulfillment providers is included, as well as FTP integration. On the flip side, you can also choose to run your own in-house fulfillment centre with Konnektive.
  • Smooth order management operations. The user interface is very simple and intuitive, and it links up both fulfillment and customer service tools so you can easily pull up information on orders as well as particular customers. An array of actions is available with a single click, so you can employ the necessary actions to achieve objectives.
  • Hassle-free payment gateway integrations. Konnektive CRM offers support for most of the world’s major currencies, so you can generate voluminous transactions all over the world. There is also a back-up payment gateway feature, which automatically makes another attempt with the transaction if the primary payment gateway declines it.
  • Multiple billing models. This works for both continuity/subscription based types of processing or straight sales.
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These are but a smattering of amazing features that come out of the box with Konnektive CRM, all geared towards achieving better fulfillment processes. While there are other options out there, it is very easy to see why many businesses – from small startups to seasoned e-commerce establishments – find that investing their money in a tool like Konnektive CRM is the best option. For anyone dreaming of opening up their very own online business, this software is strongly recommended for its ability to offer a wide range of business functionalities.

Originally written November 30, 2016. Last updated September 8th, 2020


Written by Kinkar Saha

Kinkar Saha founded CodeClouds in 2009. Starting out with 4 members, it eventually grew to hundreds of employees in multiple locations across the globe.

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