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Top Reasons to Hire OffShore Developers from Reputed Firm

Written on 15 Oct 2021

Offshore developers are fast becoming the go-to for many businesses. Hiring offshore developers provides clients with valuable advantages when it comes to cost, quality of service, and turnaround times. Moreover, many offshore developers provide extra services like ongoing support.

Starting or scaling your business requires a great investment of resources with the knowledge that, eventually, you will get a return on that investment. If you are taking your business online, you will need to invest in digital services, and a big part of that investment will be hiring developers. The question is whether to hire developers locally or to hire offshore developers. After over a decade of collecting solid evidence on the merits and high return on investment of offshore developers, we would like to share the six most compelling reasons why offshore developers are the best choice for you.
But first, please watch our quick video on the benefits of offshore developers!

Compelling Reasons to Hire Offshore Developers

There are many reasons to hire offshore developers; here are some of the most compelling:

Cost Savings

Chances are, you don’t have a wide pool of developers and designers in your area competing with one another for the best rates. Less competition means higher prices and longer times to fill positions, but teams working internationally are competing with the whole world. Offshore developers can do their work over the internet—with a few Zoom calls here and there—and, in doing so, provide quality service at more affordable rates.
How does this translate into lower prices? Say you wanted to hire a NodeJs developer: According to Glassdoor, the average NodeJs developer in the US would cost $89,372 USD per year, whereas a similarly skilled NodeJs developer in India would have a yearly cost of around $34,000 USD. This price difference isn’t because your offshore developers are being underpaid—in addition to the effects of global competition, many come from areas with lower cost-of-living. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for all.

Professional Team Resources

Hiring offshore developers does not translate to hiring an individual sitting at home in jeans slogging away at his computer. You are actually enlisting the services of an entire offshore development team with a dedicated project manager at the helm, making sure everything runs smoothly and serving as your point of contact. You only have to contact one person, but that person is backed by a team of professionals completing your project. This structured team produces better results than freelancers––a properly managed team with the right project manager is a great form of quality control.

Scale with Ease

Hiring an offshore development team is the perfect solution for scaling your business. Unlike hiring internally, hiring an offshore team doesn’t require a lengthy (and expensive) hiring process, contracts, salary negotiation, or onboarding. These developers can get to work immediately.
Moreover, the flexibility of hiring developers offshore makes it the perfect option for startups who may be looking to rapidly scale their company without the cost of hiring internally or who only need developers some of the time.

Short Term Projects

This same flexibility makes offshore developers the perfect people for your short-term projects. Want a web app for your business? Need to bring your eCommerce website into the 2020s? Don’t have (or want) your own dedicated IT team? Offshore developers are your guys.
An offshore development team can quickly get started on your project, because, as mentioned above, it’s already a fully set up team, complete with a project manager. This makes it super easy to hire an offshore development team for a short-term project of, for example, 1 or 2 months. And most offshore developers can be hired on a monthly or part-time basis.

Fast Turnaround Time

Offshore developers provide consistent turnaround times that are often helped, not hindered, by working in different time zones. When you are sleeping, your team is working. When you are awake, your team is working. If your offshore developers are running a distributed team model, with developers in different countries, they can have somebody awake and working on your project day and night. In addition, a proper offshore development team will run on Agile Development principles under the eye of an experienced project manager and so tackle your project in an—agile—fashion.

Confidentiality and Security

Offshore developers from reputed firms work with your information in a highly secure environment with the latest encryption and data protection technologies. As an extra layer of security, they should offer you contracts that include nondisclosure and noncompete clauses—if they don’t, be wary. You can rest easy knowing that nobody’s sharing your intellectual property because offshore developers’ primary goal is to protect you as a client by protecting the information which you entrusted to them.

Ongoing Support

Offshore developers offer post-launch services. They have seen the growing need for ongoing maintenance and fixes and upgrades that may arise after project implementation. This means the dilemma of figuring out who to call for assistance (and waiting for them to get up to speed before they can even think about figuring out solutions) is a dilemma no longer … you simply continue working with the same team of offshore developers who did the work in the first place.

Access to Superb Talent

Offshore development companies can hire the best designers and developers because they are not bound by the physical constraints of a particular locale. They can recruit globally because they are set up to accommodate global processes and communication. This translates into better service for you, the client. With Skype, Zoom, and Slack, you can work with a team of experts on different continents and feel like you are working with somebody just down the hall.
These eight reasons are only the beginning when it comes to why you should consider hiring offshore developers for your development needs. Once you begin working with a successful, proven firm, you will realize how well this structure works for your business!
Hire Offshore Developers
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