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Top Reasons to Hire OffShore Developers from Reputed Firm

Offshore developers are fast becoming the go-to for many businesses. This is because enlisting their help provides clients with valuable advantages when it comes to cost, quality of service, and turnaround times.

Starting or expanding your business requires a great investment of resources with the knowledge that, eventually, you will get a return on that investment. If there is a technological aspect to your endeavor, you will need to invest in digital services, and a major part of that investment will be hiring developers. The question is whether to hire developers locally or hire offshore developers. After a decade of collecting solid evidence on the proven merits and high return on investment of offshore developers, we would like to share the six most compelling reasons offshore developers are the best choice for you.

But first, please watch our quick video on the advantages of offshore developers!

Compelling Reasons to Hire Offshore Developers

  1. Cost Savings: Chances are, you do not have a wide pool of developers and designers in your area competing with one another for the best rates. Less competition means higher prices, but teams working internationally are in competition with the whole world. Offshore developers are able to do their work over the Web-and probably a few phone calls here and there-and so are able to provide quality service at more affordable rates.
  2. Professional Team Resources: Hiring offshore developers does not translate into hiring an individual sitting at home wearing jeans and slogging away at his computer. You are actually enlisting the services of an entire team with a dedicated leader at the helm making sure everything runs smoothly and serving as your point person for every question or concern. You only have to contact one person, but that person is backed by a team of professionals completing your project.
  3. Fast Turnaround Time: Offshore developers provide consistent turnaround times that are often helped, not hindered, by working in different time zones. When you are sleeping, your team is working. When you are awake, your team is working. If they’re running a distributed team model, they can have somebody awake and working on your project throughout the day and night.
  4. Confidentiality and Security: Offshore developers work with your information in a highly secure environment and with the latest technologies in encryption and data protection. As an extra layer of security, they should offer you contracts that include nondisclosure and noncompete clauses—if they don’t, be wary. You can rest easy knowing that nobody’s spilling the beans, because their primary goal is to protect you as a client by protecting the information with which you have entrusted them.
  5. Ongoing Support: Offshore developers offer post-launch services. Offshore developers have seen the growing need for ongoing maintenance and other fixes and upgrades that may arise after project implementation. Thanks to this, the dilemma of figuring out who to call for assistance (and waiting for a new team to get up to speed before they can even think about figuring out new solutions) is a dilemma no longer … you simply continue working with the same team of offshore developers who did the work in the first place.
  6. Access to Superb Talent: Offshore development companies can hire the best designers and developers because they are not bound by the physical constraints of a particular locale. They can recruit on a global level because they are set up to accommodate global processes and communication. This translates into better service for you, the client. With today’s technology, you can work with a team of experts with key members on different continents and feel like you are working with somebody just down the hall.

These six reasons are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons you should consider hiring offshore developers for your development needs. Once you begin working with a successful, proven firm, you will realize how well this structure works for your business!

Hire Offshore Developers

CodeClouds has grown to include 125 full-time off-shore developers with extensive knowledge and skills on PHP, WordPress, Magento, HTML5, Joomla, Android, iPhone, iOS, Limelight CRM, Direct Response CRM, Microsoft.NET and landing page designs. You can hire CodeClouds’ offshore developers on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis to meet your business requirements.

Originally written March 15, 2016. Last updated April 30th, 2022


Written by Kinkar Saha

Kinkar Saha founded CodeClouds in 2009. Starting out with 4 members, it eventually grew to hundreds of employees in multiple locations across the globe.

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