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jQuery vs AngularJS is one of the leading topics of present days. jQuery is the best library that can offer an open structure platform, where developers can work freely. On the other hand, AngularJS is much of a structured and organised Javascript framework.

jQuery and AngularJS, one being a Javascript library and other the Javascript framework is in tough competition.  Well, this is one of the most common comparative study between the library and the framework. However, it is unfair to go through a jQuery vs AngularJS comparative study because one is a library and other is the JavaScript framework. Since 2006, jQuery has been manipulating the DOM (Document Object Model) with Javascript. AngularJS is comparatively a new framework. It was introduced to the market in 2009. AngularJS gave developers a powerful methodology to create a single page application (SPAs). Nowadays both play a vital role in the front end development.

Although this is a comparative study, it is necessary to note that both the library and the framework are equally vital. This is to say that when a developer is working with AngularJS he can make use of the jQuery plugins to approach with his work smoothly. This happens in the contrary as well, when you are using AngularJS you can make use of the jQuery library to get the necessary things for your website. Therefore, jQuery and AngularJS are two side of the same coin, both are connected yet are bit different from one another.

jQuery vs AngularJS


When it comes to a comparative study between jQuery vs AngularJS, it is important to understand each of them individually. jQuery is one of the most popular Javascript library. It is a DOM manipulation library which makes the usage of Javascript for your website even more easier. Let us look at the features that are available in the jQuery library:

  1. CSS manipulation
  2. HTML/DOM manipulation
  3. Event Handling
  4. Ajax/ JSONP
  5. Effects and animations
  6. Cross browser compatibility
  7. Lightweight

Since, jQuery has no binding structures, developers have full freedom to build a project as they wish. However, lack of structure also signifies that it is easier to fall into the trap of “Spaghetti Code” which can lead to several confusions for the larger project with no clear design and code management. In these kind of situations AngularJS can be of huge help. When it comes to huge project, AngularJS works the best. However, Javascript frameworks comparison between a JavaScript library and a Javascript framework still comes up because although both are different, both are interdependent on one another


AngularJS is a Javascript framework which is specifically designed to create single page applications or SPAs. With the help of the complete structured environment to create the perfect SPAs with less to zero spaghetti code.

Here are the key features of AngularJS:

  1. Angular directives (extension to HTML)
  2. Dependency injection
  3. Support MVC
  4. Two way data binding
  5. RESTful API
  6. Form validation

Both jQuery and AngularJS are helpful, however, latter is a bit more structured and organised, that helps the developers to get the best single page application. This also supports the AJAX / JSONP.

jQuery vs AngularJS

When to choose jQuery

When you are looking for a lightweight and powerful DOM manipulation, jQuery might be the first choice. jQuery is a library of design and might help you to customise the DOM along with JavaScript. You can use jQuery for building a website from scratch with vanilla JavaScript to complement an existing framework with jQuery plugin. However, you need to make sure that you are choosing the correct jQuery plugin so as to make sure that nothing, goes wrong in the framework. If you want to add functionality to Angular framework, with the help of jQuery plugin, you will have to be very careful and make sure that the data binding within the application is not broken.

jQuery is the best option when you require a flexible website. It is also helpful in adding features to your app, like a slider. It is very good for quickly scripting ideas. However, the comparative study between jQuery vs AngularJS is there to justify each other presence in the market.

When to use AngularJS

Well, AngularJS is a open source web application framework and was released in 2009. With every passing updated version, it assures something better, which helps to create a structured website. In fact, when you are looking for a SPA website you can rely on AngularJS for the structurality that it has. It can be said that jQuery offers a free space to the developers in order to create a website, whereas, AngularJS is a much tamed framework that requires discipline to work on.

AngularJS offers everything that you need to develop your client’s application and therefore it is important too choose AngularJS when you are opting for a single page application. In fact, it is very easy to keep the web projects organized and well maintained and also has modules to make sure that you do not repeat. Advanced features like two way data binding and dependency injection allows you to create stunning and engaging applications. However, developers always face the javascript frameworks comparison. Well, if you are using Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery, this process will take a very long time.

If you are planning to get the best quality website that can attract your client with the single page application, you can opt for AngularJS. jQuery offers a free and open platform for the developers to get the best website for your client. However, there remains a constant jostle between jQuery vs AngularJS and which one is better than the other.