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Using AngularJS to Create Awesome Web Applications

Written on 19 Apr 2017

AngularJS is a framework that can help you create an awesome web application. In fact, it doesn’t stop there, you can also make a mobile application that runs smoothly. There are several benefits of AngularJS web applications which are easy to use and offer the perfect framework for smooth functioning.

AngularJS is an SPA (single page application). It offers web application that load a single HTML page and amazingly update the page. It creates fluidity and responsive web apps without constant page reloading. Thereby making the use of the AngularJS easier and comfortable. AngularJS web applications bring in a lot of good news for the developers. This is mainly because it has more efficiently developed workflow. It has a lot more logical and methodical process that can help you get the well designed and smooth functioning web application. It also has a number of systems that will help you write the web application. In fact, it also has Ajax queries build in so that you can get the best platform to write the web applications.
Angular JS
AngularJS helps to extend the functionality of the web page. It also makes a web page more adaptable. This is to say that user experience can be enhanced vastly and there are multiple user permits that make the ordering, purchasing, e-commerce solution and also requesting information easy for all. This is one of the main reasons why AngularJS is the best framework to create a perfect web application. There are several uses of AngularJS that will give you enough reasons to choose it over other.

Reasons for using AngularJS web applications

The MVC (model view controller) is ready

For most of the frameworks you will have to split your app into MVC components, then you need to write code to string them up. However, when you are doing the same with AngularJS, you can be sure that you simply have to get the coding done, the stringing part will be done by the framework itself.

Integration with server technology

All the application interactions happen within the browser. It is to say that the server technology is made use of. When an app is created in AngularJS, it promises to operate in any browser including Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. In fact, an app which has been created in AngularJS can run on iPad, Google Android Tablet, Linux, Windows, or on an OS X system. This makes access highly effective and free to all users. Therefore, with proper uses of AngularJS, you can reach out to many users and target customers.

How to implement AngularJS in the web application

It is important to set the development platform to get the AngularJS application. You need to use Karma and Protractor to check whether the end to end requests are working or not. Then you will be able to make the most of the AngularJS.

Starting off with your AngularJS web application

All the AngularJS programs start off with the seed project and Bootstrap. This makes sure the basic framework is enacted in order to create the app to work properly. Therefore, it is important to set up the seed project in order to make the changes count. This is to say that after you have done the seeding project you can utilize a different number of templates that will help you speed up the development process.
Application development is a niche field and there are several possibilities if you are aware of the entire framework that you are using. There are several frameworks that are available for the web application and you need to make the choice properly in order to get the best result. AngularJS is an MVW javascript framework that is maintained mainly by Google and a group of proficient developers. There are powerful frameworks of AngularJS that will help you make the choice as per your requirement.
Ionic – It is a powerful front-end framework which is optimized for AngularJS for developing mobile applications.
Protractor– This is an end-to-end test framework for the AngularJS.
LumX – This is a fully responsive front-end framework based on Google design guidelines and optimized for AngularJS.
Application development
So, there are ample positive reasons that make the shift to the AngularJS viable. With the help of the AngularJS web applications, you can make a responsive web application that can help you get maximum profit. There are many development sites that are available in the market but it would be rather easier to get it done by AngularJS in order to engage more and more customers to your website.

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