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NEWS | 01 January 2010

Our Story

Our Story

Updated July 2021.

CodeClouds has changed the way people get web development services. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve gone from three developers in an apartment in Kestopur, Kolkata, to over 300 staff spread across four global offices—it’s been almost ten years, and over that time we’ve continued to go from strength to strength. Here’s why:

Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

CodeClouds’ primary focus is our clients. Everything we do, we do for you. Our client-centered model gives us a unique approach to business—your business is unique to you, and we work to bring that to the forefront.

Happy Team

Happy Team

Happy professionals can move mountains. At CodeClouds, we strive to keep our team happy by organizing frequent events and social activities. We know from experience that our investment in our staff results in dividends for our clients. Whether it’s Christmas, Holi, Durga Puja, International Women’s Day, or just because we’re having a good day, the staff at CodeClouds are always celebrating something.

Expert Developers

A Global Development Team

Our developers are primarily based in India, but thanks to our offices in four different time zones, there’s an emergency developer available for you 18/5. You get the great pricing of an outsourced team in India, but from a company just down the road. Our offices are in constant communication and coordination, and we’re highly experienced at working with diverse and fascinating folks from the US, India, New Zealand, and Australia.

India With the majority of our members at this location, most of our development work is done from here.
USA Most of the US office work is project management, especially larger projects. Our sales team is also located here.
New ZealandMost of our design work is done from this location. We also have developers in this office for extended tech support hours.
AustraliaA new office, CodeClouds Australia currently has a limited number of staff members.

The CodeClouds Timeline

The CodeClouds Timeline

In September 2009, the three CodeClouds founders got together in an apartment in Kolkata and started our ten-year journey. In our first year, we went from three to twelve staff. We started sourcing our first jobs from Upwork (formerly Elance), and other outsourcing portals.

By May 2010, CodeClouds was starting to solidly take shape. It was a hard year of strategic planning, outreach and setup, but it laid the foundation for the globe-spanning company we would become.

In 2011 we expanded to around 30 staff, and moved to a larger office. We tried our hand at a wide variety of projects while exploring the direct response advertising industry as a possible niche for our company.

In 2012, we took a bold step and stopped taking work from outsourcing portals. We reworked our pricing models into fixed-rate monthly subscription plans rather than project-based pricing, to give our clients more flexibility and a streamlined way of hiring developers for a reasonable price. During this time, we built strong partnerships with a number of CRMs, affiliate networks, and other service providers in the direct response marketing industry. This let us provide a more prompt and personalised service. We’re proud of the way we handle client relationships; when you work with CodeClouds, you’re joining our family.

In 2012, we also partnered with Long Tail Technology in Indiana, now CodeClouds (USA). The Fort Wayne office is now a critical part of our operations.

In February 2013, we opened our second office in Pune, India, which we later decided to fold into our Kolkata office. At this stage, our team had grown to 65.

By this point, CodeClouds has 150+ staff, and officially opens our New Zealand office. The Wellington team are only a short walk away from parliament and the bustling city CBD. The Wellington team is primarily for design and content development, though we have several developers on staff to help provide round-the-clock technical support for our clients. We realised that subscription services weren’t able to service all our clients’ needs, and started developing products to help fill these gaps. Our first product was Unify CMS (formerly El Minara), a CMS for direct response marketers, which we released in 2017.

We invested more into products, in order to provide our clients with better out-of-the-box solutions instead of expensive custom development. During this bountiful year, we experienced tremendous growth of our development services. We had over 16,000 square feet of office space with 175 people working in the Kolkata office alone. By 2017, our US and New Zealand offices had around 15 staff.

CodeClouds started exploring Australia with a small Sydney-based team. We continued our dedicated pursuit of excellence. We allocated further funding into product development, and we’ve got some cool things in the pipeline. We also opened our third Indian office, and ended the year with over 250 staff.

2019 was a big year for CodeClouds! We grew to 300+ staff, aiming for 400 by the end of 2020. We launched our SEZ unit, which will allow us to expand our team size by another 150.

This year started strong, with the release of multiple products.

In early 2020, we launched the following:

Unify CMS A hosted platform to build and manage compliant sales pages and funnels, with built in PCI compliant web hosting.

Unify Checkout A simple CRM payment plugin for WordPress/WooCommerce, and a fully hosted platform for Shopify, allowing you to customize your checkout process, enhance customer support, and much more.

Unify FrameworkA great tool for building eCommerce landing pages more efficiently, featuring Campaign Management, Funnel Configuration, CRM integration, tracking, and more.

As the year progressed, our story is the same as every other business’- sudden change, lockdowns, trouble in the economy. We adapted, and we fared much better than expected. One of the most challenging parts was our entire Indian team transitioning to working from home long term. It was rough, but in the end we adapted, and still managed to deliver the quality, communication, and organization that our clients expect.

This year, we’ve received an award from AmbitionBox and Naukri, who rated CodeClouds the #1 Small-Medium sized company to work for in India, and an MSME Excellence Award.

2020 was a rollercoaster, and we’ve braved through many difficulties to come out stronger this year. We managed to retain most of our employees and contractors, and even managed to grow our team to over 400 strong, though we did experience a higher than usual turnover rate. Still, we did well all things considered. After braving the worst of it and coming out stronger, we made the decision to repay the wage subsidy given by the New Zealand government to our Wellington office. We’re committed to the post-pandemic economic recovery of New Zealand, and as a business that had successfully weathered the worst and came out stronger, we believed it was the only right thing to do.

2021 also saw the release of a new version of Unify Checkout and Unify CMS, continuing to grow and expand our popular eCommerce products with new extensions and tools to help meet common customer needs. As part of that goal, we discontinued Unify Framework and Merged it with Unify CMS. We’ve also released a new Unify product- Unify Mobile. This free app connects with your CRM to manage daily tasks on the go!

It’s amazing how far we’ve come. From three developers in an apartment, we’ve become a huge international team of creative designers, web developers, and mobile app experts.

Originally written January 01, 2010. Last updated July 14th, 2021


Written by Kinkar Saha

Kinkar Saha founded CodeClouds in 2009. Starting out with 4 members, it eventually grew to hundreds of employees in multiple locations across the globe.

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