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CodeClouds has a new logo! Read about why we made this change, and what it took to get there.

CodeClouds New Logo

As CodeClouds continues to grow and evolve, we thought it was time to update our branding to match how our company has changed.

While we liked the old logo, we felt it was just that: old. We are a company that prides ourself on modern design and branding, and keeping our own image up to date is important. We also believe this new logo is cleaner and conveys our brand image better. Modern, flexible, and simple.

It was a long process and we went through many variations before we found the one we thought was right. Our previous branding as CodeClouds It Solutions Private Limited, abbreviated as CISPL in our old logo, was thrown out for simply “CodeClouds“. We tried to salvage the old cloud logo in some way, and came up with a few new concepts based on the same basic shape.

Logo Concept

Ultimately, it didn’t solve all of the problems we had with our current logo, so we tried different things.

Codeclouds logo

new logo


After many scrapped ideas, we decided we wanted a circular logo. Circles can generate a positive emotional response conveying community, friendship, and love.

We started with the ‘C’ in the old CodeClouds logo’s font, and combined two of them.


Logo Concept 07

After many iterations and much debate, we eventually ended up with the final product you see now, a simple, memorable, and versatile logo.

New logo

With this new logo comes a new color scheme.

color codes

We stuck with blue, as blue is a calming color that conveys trust, reliability, and honesty. We chose two new complementary shades of blue instead of only one, hoping to give ourselves more flexibility in implementing our new brand image.

CodeClouds hopes to continue to grow and adapt to the needs of the changing web landscape, and continue producing great products and services for our customers.