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Advidi: Doing More Than Just Driving Traffic

Written by Codeclouds on 15 Dec 2023

Advidi started in 2012. That year may not seem significant at first glance, but it’s a year that saw seismic shifts in the tech and social media landscape. It marked the inception of the modern affiliate marketing industry, coinciding with the explosion of social media and the first dedicated conferences for affiliate marketing. Large corporations were quick to recognize the potential of social media, igniting a race to harness the power of online traffic.

Seek more than just driving traffic
Though it had long existed, 2012 began an explosive growth of affiliate marketing and the start of the industry as we know it today. Advidi grasped onto the modern industry with two hands. Founder Iwert Dijkema and a handful of partners had a vision for this new landscape of marketing with the merging of traditional media buying and advertising shifting online.
What allows a traffic company to grow from just a couple of people to nearly a hundred in a decade since the ‘modern internet’? By doing more than just offering traffic. Advidi is 'An oil stain,' described in typical Dutch simplicity by Jeroen Van Walsem, Head of Business Development. Over the past decade, they've become deeply entrenched in their client’s needs, offering comprehensive services and valuable experience-based consultation.
Advidi ensures consistent communication sharing and growth with their advertisers and affiliates by ensuring their partners continue to have the same account managers throughout their entire partnership. This approach fosters stronger, more personalized relationships as account managers become experts on their respective clients.
Advidi's client testimonial

A Diverse and Robust Network

One of Advidi's key strengths is its diversity, with over 25 nationalities represented among their workforce and 12 languages offered for sales account manager communication. This global perspective allows them to serve clients worldwide, with a significant portion hailing from the United States.
For advertisers, Advidi boasts a network of thousands of affiliates, adept at covering diverse locations, verticals, and traffic sources. They meticulously match the right type of traffic to your offers, whether from social platforms, SEO, advertising, or more. In certain verticals, they maintain an in-house traffic team to ensure exceptionally high-quality traffic.
Affiliates, on the other hand, benefit from one of the highest-paying affiliate networks across various verticals. Advidi has spent the last decade nurturing long-term relationships with advertising partners, meaning affiliates can enjoy a wide selection of high-converting offers. Their in-house media buying and business intelligence teams provide affiliates with invaluable insights for traffic growth. Guaranteed earnings per click and in-house offers with dedicated caps might be available depending on the client and vertical.
On top of this, Advidi offers in-house tools to enhance the experience for both affiliates and advertisers. Their ‘Smart Cap Management Tool’ automates balancing and cap allocation, optimizes performance, and offers the ability to rotate offers with a single campaign link.
Recognizing the challenges their clients face in evergreen verticals—industries that have long-term viability but constantly evolve—Advidi strategically focuses on evergreen verticals like dating and nutraceuticals. Concentrating on sectors with enduring appeal allows them to thrive even in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

Advidi’s Commitment to Excellence

Advidi's commitment to offering the best possible service extends to its meticulous onboarding process. Of course, Advidi serves clients large, small, experienced, and new. However, they will only onboard those that they think are the right choice for at their current stage. This approach dubbed the "Deeply Dutch approach," emphasizes honesty and direct communication from the outset.
Advidi's philosophy resonates with CodeClouds, a trusted partner, as both companies prioritize the long-term success of their clients. Advidi's dedication to providing clients with the best possible data and strategic planning underscores their commitment to helping clients make informed decisions.
This careful consideration is a philosophy we share at CodeClouds and is part of the reason why we have a partnership with Advidi. Having clients shoot themselves in the foot by doing unnecessary development work or, in general, not having a solid plan doesn’t help us in the long term. We have a vested interest in making sure our clients are here to stay- that means telling them the truth from experience and making sure we have partners to offer trusted services they need that we do not provide. Advidi wants to make sure its clients are armed with the best possible data and plan before making a commitment.
CodeClouds strives to provide long-term success by partnering with Advidi
Overall, we’ve had nothing but great feedback working with them, and we’re proud to know that our clients, both advertisers and affiliates, are in good hands with Advidi.

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