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10 Great Shopify Apps to Improve Your Storefront without Hiring a Shopify Developer

Written on 12 Apr 2017
10 Great Shopify Apps  

There are many apps out there to help take your Shopify storefront to the next level. Below, we list 10 great apps to help improve your shopify store and solve basic problems without needing to hire a Shopify developer.

Shopify Mailchimp app


The official Mailchimp app integrates your mailchimp account with your shopify storefront. With this, you can do a number of things. Want to target prospective customers that have abandoned a cart? Mailchimp for Shopify will send a targeted email, allowing you to regain a few of the lost customers who were right on the edge of making a purchase already!    
Has an existing customer recently viewed a product? Target an email to that as well if you desire.
It also supports sending receipts, invoices, shipping status, and refund/cancelation status all though Mailchimp.
Product reviews shopify app

Product Reviews

This app made by the shopify team adds the ability for customers to leave reviews on your storefront’s products. Depending on what you are selling, if you have a high confidence in receiving positive reviews, this can help encourage customers on the fence. These reviews are SEO friendly, meaning they can show up on Google results of your product pages.
Bold Upseller shopify app

Bold Upseller

This feature rich app allows you to add upsells to your products in either the add to cart step or the checkout step. Selling a camera? Add upsells for memory cards or tripods. A lot of additional purchases can be gained from this. It allows granular control of when the upsell offers should be shown, who gets them, and has a dashboard to track the success of your upsells.
Bold Upseller shopify app

Bulk Edit Tags

This free app allows you to edit all of your product tags in bulk saving you time. Bulk delete, match and edit, edit by keywords in products subscription, add/remove by category, and more. It’s a basic but very useful app.
SEO Image Optimizer shopify app

SEO Image Optimizer

A large number of searches takes place over Google Images, including people looking for products! This free app allows you to set up some basic templates with tokens to automatically fill in parts of the alt tag with relevant data. This means you can automatically makes sure all of your image alt tags are filled with relevant information to help you rank your products on Google Images.
Shlack shopify app


Shlack is a useful free app that integrates your Slack account. This is useful for medium sized operations with a customer support team. With the use of simple commands in Slack, you can see a product’s inventory, shipping status of orders, approve refunds, mark products as sold out, see a profile of a customer by name, and more. No matter where you are, you can have control over your storefront. It also has new order notifications allowing you to use Slack instead of spamming your email inbox.
SEO Image Optimizer shopify app


This app overhauls your Shopify search tool with a robust customizable search that gives both you and customers a much better search experience. Add suggested products to searches, search products, collections, and content like blog posts. It even helps with finding synonyms, spelling errors and suggestions for failed searches. Search results are displayed with many filters making it easy for customers to navigate and find exactly what they want.
SEO Image Optimizer shopify app

Trust Hero

Sometimes the best apps are also the most simple. All this free app does is allow you to add a custom text field and logos by your checkout button without any coding. It’s amazing how a simple line like “Checkout Securely with VISA” can help your conversions by instilling trust.
EU GDPR Cookies Notification

EU GDPR Cookies Notification

GDPR compliance can be tricky, and getting hit the minimum fines for non-compliance is akin to shooting your business with an elephant gun. This free app takes care of an important piece of GDPR compliance by giving a customizable cookie notification with a link to your privacy policy, no coding needed. Once a customer agrees, they won’t see this notification for 60 days. You can choose between showing it to all customers or just specified EU IPs.
Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat

This app adds a customizable live chat support option for customers browsing your site. Improve your conversions by giving customers live support and answer questions without having to host your own chat. Even if customers don’t take advantage of the presence of live support, they may be encouraged by its presence.
hire shopify experts
There are many great free and paid Shopify apps to give you some of the features you need in your storefront. Hoever, sometimes you’ll need something a bit more customized. Hiring the right Shopify development team is important. Hire Shopify experts from CodeClouds who can handle any of your needs, including custom theme design, CRM integration, custom Shopify apps, and more all supported by our expert team 18 hours a day and 5 days a week. Contact us today if you’d like to know more about our services!

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