How to Create Effective Ecommerce Product Videos That Sell

Creating an effective product video is very important as it helps to convince your customers to buy your product. A correctly done product video will demonstrate, explain and promote your product and convert sales. Learn below what you should and shouldn’t include in your next product video.

If you want to drive heavy traffic to your website, then you have to do something in order to stand above the crowd. With that being said, the best to really capture your customer’s attention is with a convincing product video. Videos are interesting, especially for those users who are using their mobile devices while browsing. In this article, we’ll help you create an effective video to make sure that you are able to encourage people to buy your product after watching.

creating effective product videos

Include honest testimonials

A video of someone’s testimonial about a certain product or service is much more powerful than a written one. Therefore, try to include some honest testimonials in your video. Contact one of your loyal customers and ask if they could appear in front of the camera to talk about their experience in your service. Most customers are more than willing to testify especially if they have a great experience compared to hiring a celebrity to testify for you because it is more realistic and believable.

Combine different types of videos

Avoid your video from getting boring! There are lots of types of videos that you could combine such as testimonials, reviews, tutorials, benefits and advantages of the product and if you want to tease them then you could also include unboxing videos as well. Make sure that your video is something that will make your customer want to visit your product pages again and again.

Track the behavior of the customers

If you want to see your progress, then you can start tracking the behavior of your customers in the videos that you’ve posted. For example, Zappos discovered that product pages with videos contributed for about 30% increase in their sales versus product pages without videos. There are several software and tools that you can use in measuring the progress of your videos.

Try optimizing your videos for SEO

Since you are going to invest a lot of time, effort and money in creating your e-commerce video, you should also incorporate the SEO best practices. There are various articles that can guide you in video optimization for SEO. We also recommend directly embedding your video in your page rather than providing a link to an external platform (such as YouTube). Your video is more likely to be watched if users can watch it directly from your site.

Show don’t tell

Avoid telling them that your product is awesome, instead, you should show them that it’s awesome. Featuring a single shot of a product and narrating its benefits and features can be quite boring. Instead, you should make it interesting and enjoyable by zooming small details, featuring different angles and showing the customers how your product works. For instance, Olympus offers numerous video on their product pages in order to showcase and create a tutorial for their cameras.

Keep it brief and meaningful

You don’t want to consume all the time of your customer so as much as possible, keep it short. Do not post a video that is about 20 minutes long because no one will watch it anyway. What customers are looking for is a short meaningful video that runs up to 1-5 minutes. Even if it’s short, make sure that you have communicated properly with your customers and you have delivered the highlights and important details.

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