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Using a cross-browser testing is very important to ensure maximum compatibility of your web pages. So it’s quite obvious to choose the best one. Two of the most popular choices – Browserstack and, emerge as top picks for many people. While both have very similar characteristics, the differences in available features are the most important factor when deciding which service provider is for you.

When developing a new website, it’s important to make sure that it is supported by all browsers. Cross-Browser testing is a method testing that involves examining the UI and functionality of websites in different browsers and devices. There are a few amazing tools and services for website owners and developers that will help them in the process. In this article, we compare two cross-browser testing services for you to see which one will best fit your needs: Browserstack or

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A Few Factors in Common

Between these two tools, has been on the market much longer than However, both have some similarities. Both service providers have free versions (though is limited to only 7 days) and both have service rates that start at $29 per month.

Both these tools include unlimited live testing, screenshots, responsive testing features, email support, and an FAQ and information repository for do-it-yourself troubleshooters. Both service providers also offer support for Android and iOS platforms. However, these tools lack a couple of good features like others, such as the ability to record videos and an option of Live Support is missing.

A Few Differences

Let’s focus on the differences between the two. In terms of the number of browsers supported, Cross-Browser Testing has a slight lead with 750 against Browserstack’s 700. Cross-Browser Testing provides a couple of additional features compared to the BrowserStack’s basic plan which is a plus point for this tool. For example, 150 minutes of automated testing per month which can be rolled over to the next month, if unused and API access for taking the screenshots. However, Browserstack has custom screen resolution options and its competitor in this comparative analysis does not offer it. Despite the lack of Live Support by both companies, Browserstack gains a lead in terms of customer service by having a dedicated 24/7 customer support option.

Browserstack also offers free JavaScript unit tests if you will be working on open-source projects, as well as the inclusion of Selenium automation integration., on the other hand, offers free manual testing if you are working on projects in CodePen. Fans of Browserstack rave about the huge variety of operating systems, browsers, and devices (more than 200 combinations) that it can offer. Meanwhile, advocates of are all praises for its ability to use physical devices for performing live, manual tests, and Android and iOS devices for automated tests.

Your Need Determines Your Choice

Suffice to say, both Browserstack and CrossBrowserTesting.Com have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. CrossBrowser Testing provides a couple of additional features compared to the BrowserStack’s basic plan which is a plus point for this tool.