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Choosing an ideal cloud service can definitely be a daunting task, especially when it is DigitalOcean vs Amazon AWS standing against one another. These two cloud computing platforms have different market focuses. So be wise enough to pick the one that can meet your requirements promptly.

Pitting DigitalOcean vs. Amazon AWS certainly is something that someone would eventually think of doing, and with good reason. After all, it is interesting to see whether a lean upstart like DigitalOcean could pull one over the well-established AWS when they lock heads. Let’s take a look if there is a comparison and if there are similar or differing points and paths between the two.

DigitalOcean vs. Amazon AWS

A Closer Look at DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean has been around since 2011 and has its primary focus on meeting the needs of business (as opposed to Amazon AWS’ approach of delivering anything and everything to everyone). With this super streamlined approach, DigitalOcean has a limited nine data centers in some major cities around the world. One of its biggest attention getters was when Beyoncé decided to use their servers to host an album back in 2013.

DigitalOcean focuses on three points in their business: high-performance level virtual machines, pricing, and simplicity. This approach allows them to focus on giving developers a helping hand when it comes to setting up droplets, which are affordable Linux instances. They also support other Linux distros such as Ubuntu and Debian (among others) and provides the option to launch a variety of applications such as Docker, Ghost, Ruby on Rails, and many others.

Out of all the cloud providers, DigitalOcean’s pricing scheme is the most affordable – especially for emerging businesses who have small setups (and budgets). There are no hidden charges when it comes to add-ons, and there is an easy method to convert from hourly to monthly pricing and back again if you so desire. The company is also very proud of its high-performance machines, with SSD disk drives, 1gbps network speeds, and 55 seconds of droplet startup times – a far cry from the 1-3 minutes of other cloud providers. The uncomplicated setup also makes it an attractive option for business who are starting out or who only need basic services and use Linux machines. Overall, you can say that DigitalOcean is one of the best cloud providers of basic services – VPS, DNS management, and everything you would think of for a bare-bones operation.

Amazon AWS at a Glance

Meanwhile, we have in stark contrast to the basics offerings of DigitalOcean Amazon’s very own AWS. This market leader’s computing capacity surpasses its eleven biggest competitors – even when all of them are combined. AWS is basically an umbrella service that for many branded solutions, both IaaS and PaaS. Included on their roster is the highly robust EC2 IaaS Solution

Amazon’s AWS is really an umbrella consist of a bewildering array of various branded IaaS and PaaS solutions. The largest and best-known of these is the EC2 IaaS solution. In terms of data centers, Amazon has the largest ones in the world. Data center number 10 is being built in China to serve that particular market alone. This giant has won coveted contracts with governments for hosting private clouds – clearly a mark of excellence and dominance in the field.

One can already see that DigitalOcean cannot hold a candle to the vastness of Amazon’s AWS, but an area where it may compete in is against EC2. Still, the capacity of DigitalOcean is still at around 1% compared to EC2. Also, Amazon is fighting hard not to be outdone by the ultra-low prices set forth by DigitalOcean; it has been engaged in a very brutal price war – but this time against Microsoft and Google, to end up with a grand total of 44 price reductions just the past two years alone.

The Final Word

By this point, we have now arrived at the conclusion that pitting DigitalOcean vs. Amazon AWS is not exactly a beneficial endeavor to anyone. It’s akin to comparing a baby pool to an Olympic pool and finding out which between the two is the best. DigitalOcean and Amazon’s AWS both are best cloud provider have their specific market focus. Their size and scope alone are already largely telling of that. You have a provider that offers clean and easy to navigate interface with simple features and deployments in the one-click fashion. You have another one that offers cloud supermarkets of the IaaS and PaaS kinds, where any cloud service is virtually within reach. Whether you are an emerging business or a well-established one looking for further expansion, you will definitely know which between the two to pick!