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Overtaking the Competition With Google Trusted Stores : A Few Advantages to Know

Written on 06 Dec 2016

One great way to establish e-commerce credibility in the online world is by getting a Google Trusted Stores badge. Having this badge boosts your business by showing your customers that you are backed up with a Google recommendation, which helps in generating more transactions from current and future customers who will take Google’s word for it.

In an age where credibility over the Internet is important, it pays to have as much of that as possible when you are running an online business. One of the best ways to overtake the competition these days is by becoming a Google Trusted Store. It’s not only a smart marketing campaign: it’s practically a factor that redefines and sets apart your entire business, allowing current and future customers to see it in a new and better light.
google trusted stores

The 411 on Google Trusted Stores

Becoming a Google Trusted Store is basically an e-commerce certification – a check graphic that serves as a badge of reliability and efficiency, backed up by a solid record of good customer feedback. What is also fantastic about being a Google Trusted Store is that Google can reimburse customers a maximum of $1,000 when a trusted site violates the trust. In return, Google is granted access to the business’ data in relation to items sold, customer emails and feedback, shipping times and reliability, etc. It’s been more than two years since the introduction of Google Trusted Stores and with the success that its deserving sites get you will see why joining it is the edge you will need to skyrocket your success.

Benefit 1: Riding on the good name of Google

If you are an emerging business looking to break into the industry, doing so will be so much easier when you are riding on Google’s name. While of course you need to work on establishing your credibility at the onset, you cannot deny the big gains that go with having that check badge on your homepage.

Benefit 2: You literally stand out from the crowd.

Looking at the rows of stores in your niche that appear on the results page (yours included), it is easy for eyes to zoom into yours because of that colorful little circle that indicates your status as a Trusted Store. Even if you do not appear first in line, you still have a higher chance of being visited first because of this third party endorsement.

The Inevitability of Google Trusted Stores

Because Google bestows badges based on your order history since you first started, you can be sure that the playing field will become leveled when stores older than yours inevitably decide to apply for a Google Trusted Store badge. Before it comes to this, you should already have yours as a way of deepening your order history and not lose that edge over your competitors. Trust that over time, there will be changes and innovations to the Google Trusted Store seal to further denote your excellence over others, but until that time comes your focus should be on getting those sales to maintain the badge, and allowing that badge to help you generate even more.
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There really is no better time to become a Google Trusted Store than now, because the sooner you do the earlier you can gain a running start over your competition – and the more revenue you will get to enjoy!

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