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Improving your stores google rankings today with these helpful tips. We have grouped together 9 of the most effective ways that will increase your store’s SEO ranks and ultimately lead to higher search engine rankings in Google.

Improving your stores ranking with google can lead to huge company success and popularity on the web. Companies with the best ranking on the web stay at the top in search engine results. Google contains millions of domains within its database. A google crawler does a lot of work when it comes to sorting website rankings. Google compares every website by certain key factors and depending on the content & SEO of your website, Google will rank your site Higher or Lower than your competitors.

improve your stores google ranking

9 Effective Ways to Improve your Stores Google Ranking

An effective way to improve your stores google rankings is by onpage optimizations. Google puts each website through certain key factors. We have grouped together 9 of the best and most effective optimization tips that will increase your stores overall rank with Google.

1 – Use Relevant Product Titles and Unique Descriptions. Every online store should contain a product section. Every product should have its own page where the buyer may be able to see an array of product images, pricing details, and a description of the product. Each product should contain a specific title that is relevant to each item.

2 – Check Website Content Relevancy. The overall content of a website plays a major role in Google rankings. If a store wants to improve its rankings on Google, it must in a way prove to google why it deserves it more than others. This accuracy will rank them higher than websites that aren’t focused on 1 subject.

What is the best way to increase your website’s content relevancy?

Blogging is a great way to fill up your site with relevant content. WordPress is the number 1 content management system today that provides an easy way to publish content. By adding WordPress to a second directory, you’ll be able to easily write blogs that are only relevant to your website’s keyword targets.

3 – Meta Tag Optimization. Meta tags will show search engines your title, your targeted keywords, and a description of the page. Your online store should contain unique meta tags for each product that is for sale on your site.

4 – Improve URL Structure. The type of URL format plays a big role in the index rate of a web page and its search engine rank.

What structures should I avoid?

First Url Structure:

Problem: The first URL contains a very long listing id reference that has no keyword relevancy.

Second Url Structure:

Problem: The second URL contains unnecessary and lengthy information.

Third Url Structure:

Problem: The third URL contains too many subdirectories.

What is the most recommended URL type for your store to use?

Recommended Url Structure:

Solution: The above URL contains only 1 categorized subdirectory, keyword relevancy, and hyphens between text.

5 – Perform a Broken Link Check. Broken links are frowned upon by search engines. Too many broken links will result in a website being seen as unreliable. The smallest character capitalization can result in a link not working. After uploading your e-commerce website to your server, perform a full broken link checker to ensure that all your links are up to date and working.

6 – Mobile Friendly Design. With a large number of web visitors coming from mobile users, there are new standards to please these mobile visitors. A website now must be mobile friendly. Makes sure that your store works perfectly on any mobile device. The top 2 ways to make your store mobile friendly is to start by converting to a responsive layout and increase your font sizes.

7 – Get Your Google Authorization. Websites that are authorized by google are confirmed by an owner. By authorizing your website with google it will lead to higher website trust.

8 – Social Media Consistency. Always stay active and post consistently on your social media accounts. Social media is a place where you have free space to share your site links. Others can re-share your links, and increase your popularity by followers.

9 – Sitemap Creation and Submission. Sitemap submission is one of the most important things to do to improve your store’s web visibility. A sitemap includes all the links inside a website. Always remember to update your website sitemap for every new page that you may add to your website.

To conclude, improving your stores google rank should be at the top of your priority list. Search engine optimization on and off the page is the best way to improve to increase your search engine visibility.