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Unify CMS - The Hosted CMS for Direct Response Marketers

Written on 15 Nov 2016
Unify CMS

Unify CMS is a Page Builder for direct response marketers that helps them easily build and manage their pages and funnels. Unify CMS manages domains, SSL certificates, site hosting, and much from one simple to use interface. It also provides a wonderful templating engine where you can build your websites from scratch with no coding experience needed. In this blog, we’ll go over a few of the features that Unify CMS comes with.

Free built-in hosting options

Unify CMS provides you with free hosting on demand. Currently, US and UK based server locations are supported, allowing you to choose the location you want to have your server. If you don’t want to use the included hosting services, you can host the pages on your existing servers. Unify CMS also supports direct integration with Digital Ocean and Vultr accounts.

Easy PCI Compliance

To keep your merchant account secure and in good standing, your pages need to be hosted on a server that is PCI compliant. Becoming PCI compliant is a complex and lengthy process, however the free hosting provided with Unify CMS is already PCI compliant. This saves your business time and money by not having to deal with this step. Unify’s servers are PCI compliant, but do not come with the certification included. You’ll need a ‘scanning vendor account’ to complete the compliance certification process.

Free auto-renewing SSL

Sites hosted on the free hosting provided with Unify CMS come with free, auto renewing SSL certificates. These certificates are automatically renewed every year to ensure maximum security. In case this isn’t the option you want to go for, Unify CMS also supports integration with CloudFlare SSL or your custom SSL.

In-Browser Page Building

One of the most powerful features that Unify CMS comes with is a site builder that allows you to create your pages right from your browser. You can build your site from scratch or select from our included templates. You can also use customizable tokens to speed up the process of filling in or changing information across many pages.

Use Unify CMS standalone (With NMI), or Integrated With CRM or Konnektive CRM

In addition to functioning completely without a CRM (using NMI or your choice of payment gateway), Unify CMS also integrates with CRM (formerly LimeLight) and Konnektive CRM. Once you’ve added your CRM API credentials, Unify will automatically integrate your newly built sites with your CRM, zero coding required!

DNS Management

Unify CMS can manage the DNS records for your domain. Once you’ve linked the Unify CMS nameservers to your domain, the platform will handle the rest. Unify CMS uses Cloudflare as our DNS provider, however if you want to use your own nameservers, Unify is compatible with third party nameservers.

Email Management | Auto-Responders

Unify CMS can merge all of your email accounts together from across multiple domains and providers, showing everything in a centralized place where you can switch between different accounts quickly. You won’t miss an important email again.    
You can also add existing email accounts to Unify (Gmail, for example) using IMAP/POP3. With Unify, you can also set up autoresponders per domain, which helps you to organize your email templates and SMTP profiles in your CRM.

Automatic Version Control

Unify saves a backup each time you deploy your funnel, allowing you to effortlessly keep track of or undo any changes made in error.
Unify CMS – The Hosted CMS
Pages built with Unify CMS have a high approval rate from different banks and underwriters. To learn more about Unify CMS, head over to the Unify CMS page or ask your CodeClouds Client Success Manager.

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