An Ecommerce Migration Project to


An Ecommerce Migration Project to

Project Overview

Venkel is a leading supplier of electronic components for various industries. We partnered with Swell, a headless eCommerce platform, to migrate Venkel from Magento and create a custom webstore for them that integrated their existing systems and tools.





  • Software Development

  • Enterprise Applications

  • Solution Architecture

  • Data & Analytics

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Swell
  • Next.js
  • Varcel
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Stripe
  • TaxJar
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Venkel needed a robust and flexible eCommerce solution that could handle their complex business needs and offer a seamless experience for their customers. Some of the key features they need were tax integration, ERP integration, customer group pricing, high decimal pricing, lead time calculations, advanced parts catalog and search, company accounts to name a few.



Migrate from Magento (Adobe Commerce) to Swell while maintaining the existing design, features, and functionality of their old website.

Build a robust and flexible eCommerce solution to handle complex business needs and offer a seamless experience for B2B and B2C customers.

Be able to handle deals with larger customers who have different rates for certain components or quantity discounts than the general customer.

Be able to handle pricing beyond the typical tenth of a cent (to 5 decimal places) as components are individually cheap and generally purchased in large quantities.

Accurately calculate the lead and shipping time for large quantity orders that requires production.


CodeClouds worked with Swell to migrate Venkel’s entire ecommerce store in Magento to Swell, along with their catalog of over a half a million parts. We maintained their existing design and functionality, while solving challenges Venkel faced with their old setup.

We utilized a number of modern technologies such as Swell,, Next.js and Vercel to modernize and meet the needs of Venkel’s B2C and B2B customers.

To handle different pricing rates for larger customers, we implemented several different pricing groups — one for general customers, and others for customers with pricing contracts that are displayed when logged in to the site.

As most eCommerce solutions do not support 5 decimal pricing out of the box, we worked with Swell’s team to bring support for this feature to the platform for everyone.

We built the functionality to estimate production lead times in the Vercel setup. These time calculations are made on the fly using data from the Swell backend. We then use that information to accurately calculate the shipping time for customers.



The result of this project was a successful migration of Venkel’s webstore from Magento to Swell. The original design and functionality was maintained, while improving on the features and capacity to handle more complex business needs for Venkel’s B2B and B2C customers. Our partner Swell provided platform support and aided our development by implementing new features in their roadmap that helped both our client as well as other users.

With the success of the initial scope, we continued on with development of other features for Venkel. During phase 2, we implemented a BOM (Bill of Materials) tool and quote functionality, allowing customers to create a quote from a CSV file containing the list of parts they need. Customers then can review their quote, and add the required parts to their cart easily. We closely followed the functionality of a similar tool from their competitor and added features that Venkel felt their customers would find useful.

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