Custom Billing Management Portal

A.I.D. of Indiana

Custom Billing Management Portal

Project Overview

A.I.D. of Indiana is a group that provides disability services and support for everyone in the community. They wanted to build a custom portal to manage their customers and billing. Up until this point, they were managing their customers, billing, and services manually through an excel sheet.


AID of Indiana



  • Software Development

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Solution Architecture

  • Quality Engineering

  • Laravel
  • PostgreSQL
  • Vue.js
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon SES
Application UI 1
Application UI 2
Application UI 3


AID of Indiana wanted this portal to allow their team to input clients, apply services to clients, and input the daily usage of that service. It would calculate the billing cost for the services used, based on an algorithm set when creating the service. They also wanted an easy way to edit rates for a billing code, as well as create alert notifications for units consumed.



The biggest challenge was that A.I.D. of Indiana were not familiar with the process of having an application developed for them, so they did not have a clear vision of their requirements.


We developed the application in phases and further divided each phase into sprints. This allowed us to show a weekly demo to the client, get their approval and then continue the project.

They would be able to create their own input algorithms where they could manage billing per the service’s requirements, manage unit purchases, and modify anything as needed. We ensured that AID of Indiana that they would meet all of their HIPAA compliance requirements.



We built a very user-friendly interface where new customers could be easily added and modified whenever there are price changes for any service. For existing clients, the AID of Indiana team could now add, edit or delete modifiers with ease compared to the laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone use of excel sheets.

Additionally, we adhered to the HIPAA compliance as per the United States Federal Statute, meaning the portal is fully secure and protected.

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