Collaborative Freelance Content Writing Platform


Collaborative Freelance Content Writing Platform

Project Overview

ProWriter is a freelance content writing platform based in the US with the goal of helping freelancers collaborate with employers and grow their careers.




Freelance Platforms

  • Business Analysis

  • Solution Architecture

  • App Development

  • Quality Engineering

  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • React
  • AWS
  • WordPress
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The goal was to make it user-friendly enough so that non-technical users could write content and collaborate with employers without any hassle. They also required a writing, review, and approval process workflow embedded within the web application.

Web development requirements


The most critical part of the project was establishing a wizard-based step-by-step workflow for content writing, versioning, reviewing, revisioning, and approval. This meant a piece of content can jump between different stages of the workflow, and each stage will store a version history of that content.

A very simplistic UI/UX was needed so non-tech savvy users could easily navigate and write content throughout the wizard.


Several wireframes and mockups were built to test the workflow wizard from different aspects which went through several reviews and approval processes with ProWriter to ensure we were building it correctly for their intended purpose.

We kept the interface simple with minimal actions per screen. The backend logic is sound to ensure all the steps in the workflow are established and working as intended.

Web application development solution


This resulted in a highly functional and user-friendly outcome. The web application had a simple yet powerful workflow that provided exactly what was needed for collaborative content writing between freelancers and businesses.

ProWriter invited brands, businesses and freelance content writers to test their platform and provide their feedback. Aside from minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes from user feedback, they all agreed that it was a solid workflow for content writing and the user interface was easy to use.

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