Luxury Watch Ecommerce Platform

Château d’Ivoire

Luxury Watch Ecommerce Platform

Project Overview

Château d’Ivoire is a multi-lingual and multi-brand online eCommerce store that primarily sells luxury watches and jewelry. They worked with CodeClouds to improve their existing eCommerce platform solution which was not meeting their needs.


Château d’Ivoire



  • Software Development

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Data & Analytics

  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • AWS
  • jQuery
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Château d’Ivoire had been working with a previous development company to build their backend, however, it wasn’t performing as they expected and had inventory-related issues. They wanted us to take over and make necessary changes to eliminate any issues, make the platform more stable, and perform better than before.



The main challenge for this project was that it was an existing project and the live ecommerce platform was custom built. We couldn’t make any major architectural changes that could affect the running ecommerce platform.

We identified several scopes for improvements to performance, stability, and scalability. However, to solve the existing issues the client was facing, some structural changes were necessary; without disrupting the running platform.


We took a modular approach where we could introduce new components to the project which was used as middleware. This way, we could catch any request payload, do logical data processing, append additional data into the payload and send it back to the original method/handler.

We implemented several triggers and stored procedures at the database level. To offset some runtime processing, we let the database work in the background organizing data. This way, the existing code did not have to be changed drastically.

We also implemented several alerting and monitoring systems to ensure the issues Château d’Ivoire were reporting can be monitored and fixed accordingly.



As a result, Château d’Ivoire has a much faster and more stable platform to expand their business on – due to the scalability. The inventory-related issues and other concerns of the client had been resolved, even after continuing to monitor the platform for several months, no new issues were encountered.

Due to data handling via the middleware and stored procedures, we could store more granular information and even create several analytical reports from that data.

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