Migration From BigCommerce to Shopify


Migration From BigCommerce to Shopify

Project Overview

Dermelect is a skin and beauty brand with a three year old store on BigCommerce. They had outgrown their BigCommerce setup which was becoming unmanageable for them and believed a new setup with Shopify would better serve their SEO and have greater integration with their external tech stack.





  • Software Development

  • Quality Engineering

  • Shopify
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
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Dermelect needed to migrate from BigCommerce to Shopify seamlessly without disrupting their customers. They wanted to retain their SEO authority and ensure all customer information and subscriptions were intact during the migration. Additional features, page speed optimizations and a fresh design was also required.



Implementing a customer rewards program in Shopify similar to the one they had been using in BigCommerce.

Ensuring SEO authority wasn’t lost during the migration due to the different URL structure between Shopify and BigCommerce.

Improving page speed and optimizing load time between pages.

Expanding the functionality of certain features without decreasing performance.

Multi-location website and currency support.


We configured a Shopify app called Yotpo which was a similar customer rewards program they already had in BigCommerce. An enhanced review and social proof system was also a major benefit of this particular app.

Some manual intervention had to be taken to ensure that SEO authority wasn’t lost. This included setting up redirects for each product and configuration in the Google Search Console.

We implemented optimizations to improve page speed and overall site performance metrics gradually. This included optimization of product images, videos and scripts.

We were able to expand the functionality of the store without relying on third-party apps. By writing these features ourselves in JavaScript, we were able to reduce page load times caused by loading external scripts.

We launched sites for Dermelect in different countries and implemented redirects for customers based on their location to the relevant site. We also made sure it was ready to display and accept the correct local currency.



By migrating to Shopify, we resolved many issues Dermelect had with their existing BigCommerce setup which became unmanageable and affected their business. We made sure not to lose any SEO authority during the transition while also improving page speed and applying various optimizations to enhance the user experience.

Our in-house design team provided a new and modern design to freshen up their brand appearance and further improve the user experience. After a successful migration, Dermelect had further features planned such as setting up campaigns through VWO, implementing a B2B program, a gift card feature and more.

Shawn Behnham, Director of Business Development for Dermelect, was extremely pleased with the project and had nothing but positive things to say about our team:

Codeclouds' client

Shawn Behnham

Director of Business Development

“I love the team! It’s not often that people over deliver but my dev team and CodeClouds has.”

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